Who was Ali Tarhouri?

Two months ago, I wrote about the naive college professor from the United States who “returned” to Libya to “run” the oil ministry and finances.

Who is Ali Tarhouri?

My prediction was

“I think it likely Mr Tarhouni doesn’t even know what SWIFT is, and he’s now running the Libyan Central Bank. Someone is gonna kick his ass big time. He has no clue how little he actually knows.”

Well, he is now the Ex Oil Minister, and he seems unhappy with the new government of Libya, calling them Elitists

From the World according to Huffington Post:

“Outgoing oil and finance minister Ali Tarhouni also suggested in a press conference late Thursday that at least one of those foreign powers is trying to meddle excessively in Libya’s internal affairs – an apparent reference to Qatar.”

Qatar provided the weapons for the NTC “Army” and was trying to work deals to bypass the sanctions so that the NTC could sell their oil in violation of the UN 1973 resolution.   Who would have thought Qatar  might want to “colonize” the oil fields of Libya?

I’m shocked, I tell you.

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