Glenn Beck takes over San Francisco’s Green 960

This is a really big deal on so many levels. KKGN-AM 960 is called “Green 960”. It’s licensed to Oakland California and owned by Clear Channel Radio.

Unlike the myth of “evil” Clear Channel by the left, Air America would never have gone anywhere without Clear Channel. Most of the Air America stations were owned by Clear Channel. KKGN is one of only a few left running the Dial global lineup – Bill Press, Stephanie Miller. Thom Hartmann… That’s what is on the station now.

The station is picking up Beck, Dave Ramsey, and John Gibson – and will carry its own Randi Rhodes. No mention of Michael Savage.

To completely confuse people, KKGN will become KNEW, the call sign of their existing conservative talk station at 910 in Oakland…  and KNEW will become KKSF, perhaps suggesting a coming AM/FM KKSF news/talk simulcast (KKSF-FM is an oldies music station)

I’m picking up a “drip drip” that since Dial Global took over Westwood One, stations are dropping their syndication on both Dial Global (Neal Boortz, Clark Howard… and the Progressive Lineup) and former Westwood One programs.   My guess is that Dial Global is demanding things from stations they are not willing to do, or station owners are getting concerned about the growing dominance of the Oak Tree Capital empire which now controls Townsquare, Dial Global, the streaming, ad insertion and tracking of Triton Media, and Oak Tree currently buying up stock in Cumulus.  Anti-trust issues are not part of the FCC’s responsibility beyond station liceneses – they don’t play a role in internet streaming or programming syndication, which is how Oak Tree is “taking over” Radio.

My guess is this has a lot to do with Clear Channel starting to view Oak Tree’s empire as a direct threat to its dominance.    It also puts Glenn Beck on their own station so he’ll be somewhat immune from boycotts or legal actions by the city of San Francisco’s wacky government.

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