Iran: Peace is at hand

So Iran “takes over” Britain’s embassy ala the US in 1979 under Jimmy Carter…  England expels Iran’s diplomats

Mysterious explosions break out at Iran’s nuclear “research” sites.   Be Vewy Quiet.

France calls for more sanctions on Iran and withdraws its ambassador.

Turkey is imposing sanctions on Syria.   A Libyan national driving a vehicle with Syrian plates opens fire with a pump action rifle on the Topkapi Palace in Instanbul.

It’s a good thing we got that Greek thing solved before all this peace breaks out.

The 3 major banks on Cyprus take huge writedowns on losses from Greek debt “haircut”.     The possibility of a unified Cyprus is fading

Keep your eye on Cyprus.   If you want to know what a dog is about to do, watch the tail.



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  1. Parrott says:

    Yeah and they have one of our drones. Wouldn’t you think they would have a self destruct sequence? It will be shipped to China or Russia.

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