K-Rock goes To Talk that Rocks

WRXK-FM is located on the Southern end of the Gulf Coast of Florida near Port Charlotte.  Up until today, it was mostly a hard rock station, with Bubba the Love Sponge anchoring mornings.

This part of Florida is not a typical part of America which is why they are going to try a full time talk format targeted at young men.


The only female on the schedule is portrayed on the web site as basically the station slut, doing a pole dance and showing off her legs (hello, this is radio?)

The station is owned by Emmis, one of the few remaining publicly traded radio owners.  It’s currently in an ownership fight several years long as its founder keeps trying to divorce the people he sold stock to.  It was Emmis that split off 3 of its major market stations and sold them to Randy Michaels to pay down some of the debt that is smothering the balance sheet.

So is this the way to get young people to listen to radio?  Bubba the Love Sponge is syndicated on a few stations , and they are carrying Lex & Terry at  night (Lex and Terry is a morning show that probably competes with Bob & Tom, but with hosts with no personality), John & Jeff, Nick & Artie (which appears to be a show from New York)

Sports, partying with chicks, the TV shows last night,celebrity gossip – is that enough to attract an audience?

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7 Responses to K-Rock goes To Talk that Rocks

  1. prboylan says:

    “Sports, partying with chicks, the TV shows last night,celebrity gossip – is that enough to attract an audience?”

    It works for liberal arts universities, and a number of state governors, why not radio? 🙂

    • Art Stone says:

      My question is a bit misleading – in the end, a station doesn’t make money based on how many people listen, but whether advertisers will pay for ads.

      A vacation / resort area is a bit unusual in that restaurants, night clubs, and tourist attractions form a permanent set of advertisers since tourists are looking for ways to spend money and are spending a lot of time in cars driving around. Ever wonder who set the radio stations on the rental car radio and why?

  2. JMyrleFuller says:

    Gee, as if we haven’t seen this before… and we all know how much of a runaway success stereotypical “guy talk” has been… remember Free FM?

    • Art Stone says:

      Remember Howard Stern?

      • JMyrleFuller says:

        I do, but quite frankly he was about the only one who ever had any long-lasting success with it, at least on the syndicated scale. You indicated most of this talk is syndicated, and of course Stern is not among the hosts (although Artie Lange, a former Stern associate, appears to be).

        I stand by my negative prognosis.

  3. Parrott says:

    I hate that Salem talk stations have started playing , those stupid PSA’s instead of regular local commercials during commercial breaks. Some are some are not.
    I am glad my tax dollars are being wasted. They take so much out of my paycheck for this crap. I will listen to WBOB , crap on energy Hog.
    I blame congress.

    • Art Stone says:

      Salem is a peculiar company. They have 3 main groups of stations – a contemporary Christian network mostly using the name The Fish, a group of Christian Teaching stations, and the (mostly) secular Conservative talk.

      Despite operating stations that seek donations for ministries, Salem itself is a for-profit corporation listed on the NASDAQ (SALM). Contributions flow to the not for profit “ministries” providing tax deductabiliy which then use those funds to buy time from the for-profit Salem.

      Their SEC filings contain disclosures about potential conflicts of interest – one co-founder owns stations of his own in his wife’s name and have had a couple station sales between Salem and his personal holdings. The other owner runs a civil aviation charter service which he used to use regularly for “official” Salem business, and charged Salem for renting the planes he owned personally.

      Sarbanes Oxley was necessary for a reason.

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