Chuck Harder: Will We Ever Learn?

If you know or remember who  Chuck Harder is, he showed up during the third hour of Coast to Coast last night.   He was talking with George Noory partly about Area 51 – he mentioned working with George Knapp back in the 1990s on the Alien Autopsy Tapes, which was a connection I wasn’t aware of.

Chuck Harder did an independently syndicated radio show before the Clear Channels of the world consolidated most of radio into 3 or 4 large networks that control most of radio.   Harder hit his zenith when he decided to support H Ross Perot in 1992 – Perot’s involvement probably cost George HW Bush the election.

Chuck claims to be a “lifelong union Democrat” who fell off the wagon with the election of the Clintons, who he started accused of all kinds of things – Randy Weaver (which actually happened under George HW Bush), drug smuggling by the CIA in the Mena Arkansas airport, and was beating the drums about the Massacre at Waco Texas by the out of control federal government.

While partly a crackpot, in retrospect he absolutely had things nailed about the Clintons and their connections with China, and how the government and the world was coming under the control of the global bankers (See:  Goldman Sachs)

So Chuck has a self-published book that he is now selling on Amazon (the title of this post).   Chuck is much older now and sounds a bit more tired (but don’t we all?)…  it was interesting to hear his voice again.

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2 Responses to Chuck Harder: Will We Ever Learn?

  1. eezveeneetee says:

    Chuck Harder was at least a decade ahead of everyone else in political perception, and as a result suffered as the old addages wisely state: “a prophet is not welcome in his own country,” and “the messenger always gets shot.” A man appears to be a crackpot when he is so prescient about the world and its realities, and the subsequent ad hominens do their damage to the message. What may be inflaming rhetoric to one is Nostradamian inference to others. Chuck was right on the money so often, so consistently, that he came under the iron fist of the Clinton-Arkansas mafia with the sad, sad result. For The People was the best independent radio ever produced, bar none. America desperately needs his voice, and radio needs to return to its first estate where Chuck reigned supreme.

  2. Jim Somervell says:

    I listened to this show. It sounded like he was really involved in tracking down some serious stuff and it got him in 18 years of IRS audits I think was the number he used.
    It was a pretty decent show though.

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