A week until the launch of Huckabee

Monday April 9th is the launch date for the Cumulus Media Network’s direct competition with Rush Limbaugh.

Cumulus has announced that in New York City, the Huckabee program will be carried on non-Cumulus station WOR-AM on broadcast delay in the evenings.

An irony of all of this is spokespersons of the “Progressive Left” (Media Matters, Think Progress, etc) are drooling at the idea of someone “destroying” Rush Limbaugh’s daytime monopoly – which might even lead them to be supportive of Huckabee’s effort.   Anyone familiar with the two men will quickly realize that Huckabee has much stronger “Conservative” credentials than Rush, especially in the religious portion of the Conservative movement.   Huckabee is the Left’s worst nightmare, not Rush’s.

I doubt this will be anything other than a friendly competition, but it should be interesting however it turns out.

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  1. Wonder what Huck will displace on WOR. There’s Savage from 6 to 8 (with a little bit of ex-Carter White House intern Brian Williams thrown in at 6:30) and Dr. Joy Browne from 9 to midnight. Haven’t listened between 8 and 9 pm lately and it’s a blank spot on the schedule posted on their site. Browne is a WOR product and I haven’t heard that she’s departing, so maybe they will trim her back an hour and run Huck from 8 to 10. Or maybe the slow erosion of Savage’s air time on WOR will reach its end.

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