Where did Mike Gallagher go?

Yesterday I was looking at the “popularity” statistics here and was puzzled that I couldn’t find Mike Gallagher in the top 50 shows.

The star of Fox News has his morning show on Salem Radio from 9 AM to Noon (ET) – and he has virtually no activity – appearing even below Stephanie Miller.

The 9-noon time is now split about evenly between Glenn Beck (Premiere) and Laura Ingraham (TRN) at around 35% each. Gallagher is down around 1%.

The logical answers don’t explain it – since this web site gets most of its traffic from Google, if for some reason “Mike Gallagher streaming” was now rated in Google, that would explain it – but that isn’t it.

This web site also tends to skew toward shows that have recently been removed from stations (like Cumulus dropping Coast to Coast) – a temporary surge while people look for a show that is no longer available on their local radio station. But that doesn’t apply to Gallagher.

So what’s your theory?

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3 Responses to Where did Mike Gallagher go?

  1. JayMar says:

    I used to listen to Mike about 10 yrs ago but slowly started to drift away because Mike would tend to have less political commentary and more pop culture. When Michael Jackson was first accused of child molestation back in 2002-03 Gallagher spent days upon days on Jackson, then once in a while he would switch and talk about his dog, his children, and his wife. Finally, out of sheer boredom, I gave up.

    The same has happened with Michael Savage, his personal struggle with the UK banning, his dog, and his restaurants finally made me to switch him off.

    • Art Stone says:

      I’m not fond of his constant promotion of Fox News Channel, the same issue I have with Hannity. One thing that makes me uncomfortable about Gallagher is his doing ads for a Cancer Treatment company, citing how well he as treated when his wife died from cancer.

      My personal taste in radio is I prefer spontaneity over “production”. I want the host to have done show prep, but I don’t want a show so rigid that it can’t veer off in a different direction if a caller or guest says something unexpected or there is a breaking news story. Dennis Miller is one who “over-produces” – scheduling guests days in advance and booking segments of an agreed upon team, regardless if whether the segment is going well or not. The segments with no content planned are typically a handful of “worthy” callers that call on a regular basis. I don’t want the host making definitive statements about the quality of a phone caller – that’s up to me to decide.

  2. Parrott says:

    KRLA messed up their format, They don’t want to be called by their call sign no more. They are “The Answer” now,,,,,,,,, gag.
    They have(Had) Beck from 6am -9am west coast normal time East coast 9-12. It wasn’t Beck yesterday. They never had Gallaher , he’s on at night there.
    Gallagher is on WJCW Johnson city, 9-12 mornings. Which they were one of those radio stations owned by that bunch that went bankrupt, (Clear channel) ? I can’t remember their name, but they (WJCW) are successful. Which is interesting they run Gallagher from Salem in the morning and premier guys Limbaugh and Hannety the rest of the day.
    I don’t like pop culture talk either. I like survivalist radio now since europa is going down the financial tube. Beck needs to get back to that, his bread and butter. Its what he built his empire on. Love isn’t gonna get it, when the balloon goes up!
    alex jones went weird on peach smoothies the last couple weeks and I have drifted away from him back to Dennis Preger(sometimes)
    I hate they think at KRLA ” the answer” is better than call sign KRLA. dip-sticks.

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