Barkley on Romney…

Former basketball player and sports commentator Charles Barkley felt a need to make a comment about Mitt Romney showing up at a baseball game:

“Hey babe (?) listen – we gonna beat you like a drum in November, don’t take it personally – you seem like a nice guy… but you’re doing down, bro”

In the above statement, who is the collective “we” Charles is talking about? Anyone who doesn’t realize this election is going to become very ugly on racial terms (and probably violent) is not paying attention or doesn’t remember the 1960s.

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  1. Parrott says:

    Ha, ha, ha , Joe Biden. you keep pandering to the Rump Rangers. See how far that gets you.
    North Carolina says marriage is a man and woman. Ha Ha Ha !
    Get a life Biden,,, you are not cool ! Looser.

  2. 3tooz says:

    If the radio stations Art mendioned that are primarly urban hip -hop (black), like WCGI-FM no matter who owned it, and a so called” black leader” put out the word, I think that would be considered Inciting a riot (by definition) and those resposible should be held accountable. and prosecuted. No matter the race, creed, or color,

    • Art Stone says:

      You may remember a few years ago there was a huge demonstration on Los Angeles about immigration, when people showed up from nowhere waving their Mexican flags (somewhat to the embarrassment of the Democratic politicians). That was said to have origination from the Spanish language radio stations having put the word out.

      Any notion that it is incitement will just be sidestepped with Al Sharpton “code”… saying something like “We need all of you to show up at Bill’s Grocery Store and help us Seek Justice”. Who could be against that?

  3. JayMar says:

    Barkley is just another black liberation nut. Part of the automatic 94% black that will vote for Obama, regardless of the record and the possibility of things getting worse.

  4. According to a previous statement by Barkley, you can discount Democrats as the “we” he is referring to because he says he’s neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

  5. 3tooz says:

    With all the hype and the election coming up, and If, what iv’e have noticed in California espeically If you are not a Obama sheeple , I think, we could just posssibly have another Watts happening , and its not going to be confined in Los Angeles either. It will be coming North too. I remember the Watts riots and and It did in fact move North, but This time the crowd is younger and more stupid and more intent to “get the message across”

    • Art Stone says:

      Unlike the 1960s, potential rioters have better communications with each other than the people responsible for containing the damage

      I would encourage you to explore my analysis of which types of radio stations have large numbers of followers / friends (start at the home page)

      WGCI-FM in Chicago is an urban / hip-hop station (owned by Clear Channel)… It has 144,000 “likes” on Facebook. It’s not an isolated situation. In the past, the Black Community passed along information using a formal organization of “phone trees”. If a black leader put out the word on something, the phone tree would light up passing the message down the tree, with each person passing the message to the people they are responsible for – so within a few minutes, most of the people would have the message, completely under the radar of the people not connected to the phone tree. Facebook and twitter and smartphone apps are a much more effective tool.

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