California’s Screwy election law change

Many American trends start in California, so it’s worth paying attention.

On June 5th, voters will be going to a primary election like no other – it will be a non-partisan primary.  Dianne Feinstein is running for reelection to the US Senate.   The changes took effect in 2011, but this is the first Congressional election since the change.

When entering the voting booth, voters will be given a list of all candidates running for each office and then can vote for anyone they want for each office, regardless of their party affiliation.   This change was a “gift” from  Arnold Schwarzenegger with a voter initiative called Proposition 14.   When the votes are counted, the top 2 vote counts will face a runoff in November (even if one candidate got a majority in June)

Note this is not the top two, one from each party – it’s the top two, period.  In theory, if enough Republicans run and fragmented the Republican vote into enough pieces, the November election could be between two Democrats, or Ms Feinstein and a “fringe” Republican or perhaps a Green Party candidate.

Stay tuned.   More mischief ahead.

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  1. 3tooz says:

    I just mailed in my absentee ballot and I had choices from both parties on mine, Senate and of course non-partisian (wink-wink) City council and prop measures.. My other half (still hasn’t re-registered) and her ballot was a little different, She had to Write In her choice for President.
    And Dianne Feinstein can rot, for all I care. She was no damned good since her days on SF city council
    I believe the best way to go is for both of us to re-register as Independent, so we get ballots with a wider choice of candidates.

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