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Dueling Cameras

This is a bit confusing, but educational There was an event last night called “Gays for Trump”, organized by Milo Yiannopoulos, who works for Breitbart. He is quite the rabble rouser going to college campuses and provoking the free speech … Continue reading

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Share the Wealth

Here is the complete text of Huey Long’s speech to the nation in the 1934 broadcast nationwide on the NBC radio network. As you read it, see how much it shares with the speeches of Donald Trump and Bernie … Continue reading

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Diane Rehm’s NDE

Diane Rehm is 78 years old, matching the demographics of NPR’s midday listeners. What she did this week would have ended the career of anyone else on radio (except perhaps Amy Goodman) Bernie Sanders is the former mayor of Burlington … Continue reading

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“Puritanical” Muslims

ABC Radio News fell to an all time low today. Unless you’ve been on vacation (or think Jon Stewart is News), you’ve probably heard that the “Stupid War” in Iraq is back. The group someone is calling ISIS (Islamic State … Continue reading

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NY Times: Sharpton is a hero, and this is old news anyhow The summary of Tawana Brawley is particularly misleading – she claimed she was raped by a “gang of white men”

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Rush and the White House Press

During the first hour today, Rush spent a good part of the show talking about the a white House press corps. His revelation is that the press tell the staff what they want to ask questions about, and then the … Continue reading

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Sharyl Attkisson Quits CBS News She has been one of the few TV reporters to actively pursue the Obama administrations improper activities like Fast & Furious and according to this article is writing a book about how the establishment media has circled the wagon … Continue reading

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Today’s Southern Food Porn

Neese’s is located in Greensboro, NC. In addition to sausage, they are well known for their liver mush, which is probably close to what it sounds like. All I can say is my place smells great and the sausage met … Continue reading

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KTLK-AM’s ratings up 400% due to Rush Limbaugh!,0,2400336.story#axzz2tv9o3NgF If you want an example of newspaper constructing a narrative that is fact free, there you go. The reporter started with the conclusion “Rush left KFI-AM and nobody followed him to KTLK-AM!” (now KEIB). What they didn’t know because … Continue reading

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Manipulation of unemployment data before 2012 election “isolated incident”

USA Today coverage Good thing to know it isn’t a recurring systemic problem!

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