Detroit: City of Hope and Change

Forbes is reporting that a group of private entities are talking about putting up the money to build a 3.4 mile long streetcar system running up Woodward Avenue.   The city and state can’t justify the money necessary to get the matching funds.   The cost is estimated for the entire project was around $500 million.

One snag is Detroit doesn’t actually have any transit authority to run it, but that little detail will be worked out later.

Kresge’s is the original name for K-Mart   (Kresge’s 5&10 cent)….  GM (bailout), Chrysler (bailout), the Ford Foundation (not to be confused with the Ford Motor company), the founder of Quicken Loans, Little Caesar’s pizza and Roger Penskie are named as offering to put up money…

Any time you’re talking about building public transit, it’s important to ask who will ride this and why?   The $500 million version of the streetcar system was going to run from downtown out to around the city limits at 8 mile road – this scaled back system would run from the Renaissance Center (now GM’s headquarters) to the old GM building in the New Center area (where the Golden Tower of WJR-AM is located).  New Center was the last part of Detroit to die as it had a lot of support from GM, which provided enough security that the few blocks around it was relatively safe.

What used to be downtown Detroit has mostly been flattened and made into parking lots for the replacement for Tiger Stadium (Comerica Field) and the venue for the Lions, Ford Field.

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3 Responses to Detroit: City of Hope and Change

  1. 3tooz says:

    Geez Art, everytime I read an item of one thing or another especially when it pertains to a City, it sounds exactly like you are talking about my city. Except we have A.G. Spanos (San Diego charger’s owner) and now supposely a new distribution center. As well as a new prison hosptial in the process of being built , much to the chagrin of many voters.

    We already have a high “hope and change” population and a impressive rate of crime and a City council that outspends the citys budget ,Now, I see why I get confused reading about Detriot.

  2. Art Stone says:

    The founders of Little Caesar’s Pizza mentioned in the story – Michael and Marian Ilitch – have a daughter named Denise who recently held a $40,000 per person fundraiser for Barack Obama

    Despite the “correction” that Rush ran, Denise is not the “sister” of the owner of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Redwings, she IS their daughter and worked for 10 years as VP of Little Ceasar’s. She is not some unaffiliated unrelated distant relative She does have a brother Mike Illich Jr who appears to not be part of running the Illich empire.

    I’m baffled by why Paul W Smith would be front-running the lie that Denise Illich is totally unrelated to the Illich family. Then again, he used to be the mouth piece for General Motors across the street spewing the “Americans will never buy Japanese Cars – they love their Cadillacs” propoganda.

    • Art Stone says:

      Because I’m plagued with a memory and have thought about it a bit more…

      WJR-AM is a former ABC Radio station now owned by Cumulus. Just before going under, GM thought it could “buy off” the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, becoming sponsors of the show and letting them drive around new vehicles for free. For the most part, I think it was working (I think Glenn Beck too, but I’m less sure of that)

      Since the GM/Obama bailout, Conservative Radio people have been very critical of the bailout. Make no doubt about it, WJR is and has always been the lap dog of the car companies, especially GM. GM’s (former) world headquarters is directly across the street from the “Golden Tower of the Fisher Building” – the Fisher of Fisher Building is the Fisher family as in “Body by Fisher”

      So Lew Dickey wants Rush Limbaugh off his radio stations, but Rush has an iron clad contract with Premiere that he can’t be “fired” for things he says on the air, and Lew Dickey won’t break his contracts with Premiere before they expire because he doesn’t want to get sued for breach of contract.

      Line up my narrative and you’ll see that I don’t think Paul W Smith (a purported Conservative) didn’t contact Rush out of concern for Rush’s well being, but rather that something is going on behind the scenes. If you’re into conspiracy theories, maybe the caller was even calling to specifically “set up” rush for a trap, knowing his inability to stop talking about NFL football

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