Burned by media editing again

“In addition to the age of the president and the citizenship of the president and the birthplace of the president being set by the Constitution, I’d like it also to say that the president has to spend at least three years working in business before becoming president of the United States.”  Mitt Romney


Well, that sounds pretty profound, Mitt Romney believes that?  I started writing a very critical opinion of that assertion –  the “I” in that statement is obviously Romney, right?   Nope.


Skip to about 9:45 into the video.   The Las Vegas Sun chopped off:

“I was speaking with one of these business owners who owns a couple of restaurants in town [Las Vegas]… and he said… ‘You know, I would like to change the Constitution – I’m not sure I can do it, he said, but I would like to have a provision in the Constitution that [above quote]. ”

The person who said what is attributed to Romney is a man who runs restaurants in Las Vegas.   You might assert that Romney repeating that story (which may be true!) suggests that he believes that as well… but it isn’t what he said.

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  1. Probably a good rule of thumb for all of us in 2012 is to verify the accuracy of a mainstream media news story before wasting any energy responding to it.

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