Sex Selection abortions

This issue is one of the really obvious ones in my matrix of Liberal vs Liberal groups which have an inherent contradiction and therefore can be attacked with the old Marxist dialectic.

Pro-abortion advocates believe the “Right to Abortion” is an absolute fundamental right up until the baby takes its first breath (and maybe even after that). Several Asian cultures (most notably China and India) encourage women to abort (or kill) their female children, as the way families and social life is structured, a female child is a huge economic burden. It means when she becomes an adult, the parents have to put together a dowry for a man to agree to take the young woman off their hands and assume responsibility for taking care of her.

Feminists bristle at the idea of women aborting babies specifically BECAUSE they are female pre-sisters. 20 years ago, I remember reading in Insight Magazine about clinics in Blaine Washington that were controversial. If you haven’t been there, Blaine is the main border checkpoint between Washington State and British Columbia.

Canada has outlawed doing gender determination tests
for the purpose of deciding whether to have an abortion – so Asian immigrants in Canada would cross into the United States, find out the sex of their fetus, and return to Canada and exercise their “right” to an abortion, denying that it was because they had found out they were carrying a female fetus.

The US House is doing a symbolic vote today on a bill to ban sex selection abortions, which the “media” are framing Republican vs Democrat rather than the Pro-Abortion vs Feminist.

Let’s turn it around – what if a Lesbian couple decides to have a child using a sperm donor and only wants a female child, and decides to end a pregnancy because they found out they were going to bring a baby with a penis into the world… (Oh, the humanity!) I’m not comfortable this is being framed only as a “women=victim” issue.

For a long time, Rush Limbaugh has penciled in another box in the matrix – for now it is purely hypothetical (and may always be). Filling in the Gay Rights vs Pro-Abortion box – what if there is a test some day that can predict that a child will grow up to be gay (the assertion by the left that gay people are born, not made)… and the mother says to her Doctor: “Doctor, I don’t want to raise a child that will grow up to be gay. I want to exercise my absolute Right to Choose and have you abort this baby and we’ll start over”.

To the left, is an abortion an absolute “right” or does it come with an *asterisk and a list of “except for….” What if Anne Dunham had walked into an abortion clinic in 1961 and said “Doctor, the father of this baby is Black and he has abandoned me. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to bring a biracial child into this world after all”….

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  1. JayMar says:

    Interesting subject for an alternative science-fiction novella. A world without Comrade Barry… limitless possibilities.

    • Art Stone says:

      Sort of like the opposite of Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a wonderful life” – what if Barack Obama had never been born? Would Potters Bank be out of business by now?

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