End of Nations

Last weekend was the debut of another “The World is Ending and Civilization is about to end, what will you do?” movies…    Unlike Hunger Games, I didn’t bother writing about it.

Just now, I was bombarded with an ad for a new online game (in Beta) that is similar to WoW and Call of Duty, in that it will be played by potentially millions of people around the world at the same time. (MMORPG)

The name is all right there “End Of Nations”, in keeping with the vision that Nation States are an obstacle to True Peace(tm) and only when we have one government controlling the entire planet will we all be “Safe” from lack of Peace.   Of course, we still have yet to create the Federation of Planets, but that means finding other planets with governments first that need to be Harmonized.


Among their earlier projects was a game called Rift that was targeted at China


Names you see on their press releases include Ernst & Young, Morgan Stanley.   Who  provided the funding?


Trion Worlds […] has completed an $85 million round of strategic growth equity financing, led by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (Teachers’), one of the world’s leading pension funds focused on direct investments in both public and private equities. Also participating was current Trion investor Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann AG, a leading international media company. Trion will utilize the financing to further grow its worldwide premium online games business.

I very much recognize Bertelsmann from the days when it was the operator of AOL in Germany.


Here is a more detailed description of the “Game” from


Following a global disaster brought on by an economic collapse in the 21st century, the Order of Nations rose up to ensure that such a disaster would never again occur. However, the power the Order of Nations enjoyed soon ceased to be used for good and instead led to tyrannical rule of the world over. Players in End of Nations take up the role as Commanders of revolutionary forces beating back the oppressive forces of the Order of Nations. The game features progression for both the players’ Commander character as well as their armies, allowing for the unlocking of additional units to build out their forces, which can then be taken out solo or with thousands of other players to do battle cooperatively. Not all factions see eye to eye, though, even with the Order of Nations serving as a common enemy, and to that end players can also participate in faction vs. faction warfare.

So if you are the type of young man would would oppose global rule by a New World Order, please play this game to self-identify yourself as a potential future enemy of the NWO, or perhaps that by playing a video game you’re doing something in the Real World(tm)

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