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A $billion thanks from Charlotte

The former Mayor of Charlotte Anthony Foxx (no relation to Vicente Fox or Redd Foxx) is currently the Secretary of the Department of Transportation. Under his careful stewardship, a year ago the Gold Line Streetcar was brought to life. The … Continue reading

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Even after losing all my boosters…

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The End of the Password

I spend time playing an online game and they announced today they are replacing their already tight security with something much better. The existing method works by sending a text message to the phone you’ve registered any time that you … Continue reading

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Is that a twitch?

If 40 and under folks are not listening to radio, losing interest in Facebook and not watching MSNBC, where are they? One place is Twitch As odd as it probably sounds, large numbers of people get online to watch … Continue reading

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Children gaming goes Retro

While their parents are getting addicted to Candy Crush Saga, the Kidz are flocking away from the first person antisocial shooting games breeding the future mass murderers, and instead winding up in a really unlikely place. It’s a game called … Continue reading

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End of Nations

Last weekend was the debut of another “The World is Ending and Civilization is about to end, what will you do?” movies…    Unlike Hunger Games, I didn’t bother writing about it. Just now, I was bombarded with an ad for … Continue reading

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“They’re attacking me because I’m Latino”

Time for a Runescape / Jagex update for the two of you who slightly care :)…   or this post might be titled “The Browning of Runescape” Last Septemberish, I wrote about how the new owners of Runescape had taken drastic … Continue reading

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Runescaape DCMA update

Back in October, I wrote about the “Bot Nuke” of the online game called Runescape, which I had just recently started playing again.   Runescape was built by two college age brothers from England around 2001 and had grown to be … Continue reading

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First came Angry Birds, then…

One of the apps moving up the most popular iPhone/pad list is Angry Granny. While it is English in its style, it’s expressing concerns about the future. Angry Granny begins each day by collecting her pension. She then walks down … Continue reading

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Starting Over, etc…

If you’ve been reading the blogs or paying much attention, you have noticed I’m paying less and less time and attention to talk radio.   There isn’t one host left who I think “I have to listen to this today or … Continue reading

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