I scream for Ice Cream!

If you remember chasing after the Mr Softee truck as a child, this development may interest you.  Social media and food trucks are already disrupting brick and mortar restaurants.   Why pay property taxes to the city, collect sales tax, pay minimum wage and hire legal workers and deal with those annoying health department inspectors when you can sell lobster rolls from the back of a food truck that stops in a parking spot for a few minutes then moves on – telling people their current location via social media but not loitering so long in one spot to cause confrontations with police or local merchants.


So now expand that idea to ice cream trucks.  You tell your cell phone you want ice cream.   The ice cream truck sees where people are that want ice cream and react and travel to where people are ready to buy.

It’s magic!

Just imagine all the things that could be sold using this system…

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3 Responses to I scream for Ice Cream!

  1. haiti222 says:

    Had to look up the movie I saw on AMC back when it still showed all different kinds of old movies…… In “For the Love of Ivy,” they put a gambling casino in the back of a truck and rolled around town in it.

  2. ct7aja2 says:

    White van speakers come to mind too.

  3. HPaws says:

    That is such a great idea, maybe the socialist would be willing to try this small supply and demand equation. You know the old saying, “The fastest way to the Commissar’s mind is through his stomach!”

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