Who can you trust?

Not radio


Triton Digital did a survey to find out which sources of information people trust.  TV is still the answer – radio scored 18% lagging behind the 20% dismal number for newspapers.

While the pressure must be intense when the bankers want to see sales, filling the weekends with miracle herbal cures, “can’t lose” bogus investment schemes and lengthy descriptions about colon cleansers and bowel movements takes it toll on the trust of the audience.    Cut costs by firing all the news staff and running the same 1 minute of “local news” over and over all day and you ain’t got much left to sell.

On the positive side, people trust radio more than “stuff I read on the Internet”

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4 Responses to Who can you trust?

  1. popsmayhem says:

    How can the truth be objective>? I think they would LIE ALL the time on ALL mediums
    if those scum bags could get away with it. I see why people prefer to stick their head in
    the sand now, it is much easier to just not give two craps about it. Look what happens when we don’t care about what is going on. They put us over a barrel without even buying a meal before they give us a go0d screwing. Be aware 0f all of them. Their houses and bunkers will be paid in full and its going to be US left with the bag..

  2. Parrott says:

    Ghostbusters ?
    Alex Jones ?
    Tigger ?

  3. briand75 says:

    Heh heh heh. I am reading this on the internet.

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