The Chicago Way

Let’s say you have a house in Chicago and you want to have a driveway (or why anyone with sense has moved to Texas)

Fill out application

Pay $10

Get $250,000 liability insurance policy naming the city as coinsured

Get 5 copies of a surveyor report on your property

Photograph the place you intend to put the driveway

Get permission from the Zoning Department

Wait 30 days

Schedule visits from the Bureau of Electricity, Bureau of Forestry, Department of Water Management and the Department of Transportation

Get permi$$ion from your alderman.

Once approved,apply for a driveway construction permit using only a licensed sidewalk contractor.

All applications must be submitted in person at city hall.

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  1. Wil Schuemann says:

    Experience suggests males don’t understand women. That experience also suggests some of the real motivations of women. But, a realistic assessment of women, by males, is difficult, largely because of male societal conditioning.

    Males tend to think of women as individuals, when in fact women act like a tribe with motives and rituals largely hidden from males.

    The best treatment of the situation I’ve come across is contained in the book, “The Manipulated Male”, by Esther Vilar. The book was first published in ’72, and is still in print. Her description of women is brutal, but her description is completely consistent with all my experiences (and the Lott and Kenney finding).

    • Art Stone says:

      So many directions one could head there. Many of the more developed mammals have a structure based around one dominant male being the leader or a group of females and their offspring (some times a dominant female). The idea of monogamy – a pairing of one female and one male… Seems to be a significant deviation among our closer genetic relatives. Perhaps that’s why we advanced so far so fast. The value of different individuals with different qualities (like ability to program computers or design an automobile) provides more survival value to the group – rather than just which male is the biggest and strongest and kills or chases off the competitors

      • Wil Schuemann says:

        The “dominant female” idea is debunked by Steven Goldberg in his book, “Why Men Rule” (originally titled “The Inevitability of Patriarchy”). Goldberg went back to the original anthropological papers. He found the feminists had misrepresented the data presented in the anthropological papers, to support the idea that there have been matriarchal societies.

        Goldberg did find that, occasionally, acute societal disruption produced a matriarchal society, but all such societies either quickly self destructed or were quickly conquered by patriarchal societies.

  2. Wil Schuemann says:

    The age old battle between: Security (statists -> bureaucracy -> paralysis -> shared misery -> revolution); and Freedom (achievers -> limited government -> individual responsibility -> prosperity).

    Unfortunately, the way the latter historically evolved has been: Freedom (achievers -> limited government -> individual responsibility -> prosperity -> craving for security [led by females] -> statism -> bureaucracy -> paralysis -> shared misery -> revolution).

    Do a search for the pdf titled: “Did Women’s Suffrage Change the Size and Scope of Government?”; by John R. Lott, Jr. (Yale University) and Lawrence W. Kenny (University of Florida), 1999.

    Hopefully, “This time will be different”.

  3. Nidster says:

    In the example cited above there are good reasons for controlling driveway access to public roads. Public safety, location of underground and overhead utilities, and storm water drainage come to mind as the key reasons. The involvement of different government departments is only meant to ensure the property owner has adequate access to public roads without endangering others or themselves.

    Public sector employees need representation from a union to protect the workers from abuse by their employer, the government. Union leaders understand that certain individuals will meet the demands of the union so it supports their election to office through campaign contributions. When union contracts are negotiated with the elected officials the worker’s demands are met, such as generous payrolls, benefits and retirement plans.

    Sure, the process has devolved into legalized government oppression of the citizens in some states. I personally know a few former Chicagoans who escaped and moved into a state with far less government oppression, lower taxes, and a better climate than Texas. The natives are friendly and do not think more highly of themselves than they ought.

    • Art Stone says:

      If your driveway is connecting to an alley, the process is even more complicated – should you drive your car onto your property from the alley, the city might install barriers preventing you from doing that without approval.

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