Armstrong & Getty on unplanned vacation

If you don’t know who they are, they’re two popular hosts in California, currently heard on three stations.

They showed up “on vacation” today.  They did a bit yesterday encouraging listeners to create commercials featuring the Religion of Peace.  Apparently it hasn’t sunk in yet that the RoP aren’t screwing around.   There may come a time at which people will risk carnage on a scale the world has not seen over the RoP, but we aren’t there yet, and the President of our country and Commander in Chief is clearly going to defend the RoP.

Think carefully about which hill you are willing to risk your life on, and consider who is protecting your back.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    The guy the AP says offended the RoP using a computer and the Internet – back to prison for you. Welcome to the Nation of Islam dormitory.

    One of my longstanding predictions (probably after the election) is Obama and his associates are going to throw open the prison gates and turn loose a million or so really angry “Victims” of a racist justice system on the public. The technician in Massachusetts is the first hint of the coming tsunami.

    • magnusphi says:

      Nakoula set himself up by violating the terms of his probation. This is one of those deals where a person (“Person A”) is working a job, doing as well as or better than the other worker bees, and who takes the same officially unapproved shortcuts as they take. Management turns a blind eye to everyone else who does the same thing because they don’t like the cut of “A’s” jib and fire him and him alone. I’m sure many people on probation violate. It just makes it easier for them to selectively get scooped up if the PO or the cops think the person is a pain in the ass.

      Therein lies the way for this artiste to be taken out of the picture. Good call with the dormitory he’ll be staying in. One of Calypso Louie’s boys can shiv him to sleep. You know, if Obama had a son, he’d look like one of Calypso Louie’s boys…but I digress.

  2. Nidster says:

    Yes, I agree. Many of us are at the Red Alert level and I have picked out the ‘hill’ to defend. The Citizens are allowed to express their preference every 4 years. It is time to get serious folks since IMO it may be the Last Chance to express our preference.

    Remember to look at the voter sampling data when voter preference polls are discussed or are being reported. Rasmussen polls are the least biased and indicate this is going to be close, close, close. Everyone needs to turn-out and express their preference.

    • Art Stone says:

      My Chicago Alderwoman (D of course) held a voter registration drive in the meeting room last night. It was posted in the elevators and the management company emailed me too. I didn’t go – I probably should have.

      When I got my IL driver’s license, I was put through the wringer to prove who I am, despite already having a “Secure ID” from Connecticut. I did sign the form for Motor Voter. Nothing in the mail confirming anything though. It didn’t have a party preference, so no reason for them to think I’m not a Born Democrat.

  3. Parrott says:

    LOL, that’s killer ! Its like everyone is bending over and letting ‘RoP’ uh well, you know, ___ them. Its crazy.
    I don’t know if this will make a difference, but you must get out and VOTE this November against the ‘Head Muz’. Remember: A non vote lets the current Cobra-Commander gain two.
    You may not like the ‘other guy’ but come on ! Look at our country! We have to replace current ‘ amateur hour’ administration because they are destroying our country. Please get out and vote this November and vote against the ‘RoP’ and the Muslim Brotherhood. I will stop there because I don’t want to get political without Art’s permission.
    If you don’t vote this November against ‘RoP’, then free speech like this cool blog will probably be gone in four years. I’m sorry but that is the bottom line.

    I apologize for getting political, Art. Its just your post is so true and it is so important this November that we vote against this tripe.

    • Art Stone says:

      The problem is Mr Romney doesn’t appear any more willing to confront the RoP.

      Did you see the pictures or coverage of the Egyptian woman using pink spray paint on the so-called “anti Islamic” posters. She must not be reading the news from Egypt.

      In an only slightly related note, did you read that the Southern Poverty Law Center has decided that gay marriage is in its area of concern? Gayness is highly skewed toward well educated above average income white people with large disposable incomes. That doesn’t line up with “Southern Poverty”

      The SPLC is one area where Savage and I are in complete agreement on.

      • Nidster says:

        Romney is playing it safe, not ruffling feathers. No need to stir the pot by confronting religious group at this juncture. If he were to open up a discussion in religious terms of any sort he will drive as many away as he would gain, probably be a death knell to his campaign.

        Others can do the sniping and sling the mud. Nothing really wrong with that if he gets a huge voter turnout. On the other hand voters like to see their candidate throw some punches. Debates are coming up but I do not expect it to devolve into a fight. I remember how Pres. Reagan handled himself in the debates and if Romney does as good a job he will be OK. Problem is, Romney does not have an innate talent for delivering humor as Regan did.

        So, no need to bring up the RoP because the topic is on the minds of voters especially since the death of the ambassador to Libya.

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