Annie Dookhan: “I messed up bad”

Over the past 9 years, Annie Dookhan has done tests for 31,000 criminal cases, which is an astounding quantity of work.   That would be about 10 tests a day, not counting the time appearing in court to testify if the defendant demanded a trial and challenged the test results.

Well, Annie now is fired, and she doesn’t have the Master’s degree in Chemistry she claimed to have.   She is accused if forging other people’s names on documents, mishandling samples and not following established testing procedures.

Her coworkers thought she was doing more work than was possible to do and suspected her work, but were reluctant to push their suspicions to her manager.   Hmmm   Let me think a minute….  Hmmm

I’m having a really hard time finding a picture of her in any news stories.  It’s almost like the media are protecting Dutch people.

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  1. popsmayhem says:

    how do you fake a masters for as long as dooki did without
    some help from an outside force. i sure hope all the cases get thrown out
    the fake masters is not half as bad as this women lying while faking evidence and signatures.

  2. 3tooz says:

    Kinda. sorta sounds like the Manchurian candidate President, im sure he can relate….

  3. briand75 says:

    Her real photo from college isn’t quite that “glam”. She has long straight dark brown hair and a decent smile. Not really runway model material, however.

    I suspect she was hand picked and well paid to perform the miracles she did.

    • Art Stone says:

      I saw that picture but kind of doubted it – the TV station has video of her from a distance. Google of her last name shows a lot of doctors in her family tree – from the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean – the part about Dutch was not entirely random 😉

      She’s in her late 30s, so that looks like a college photo. Since per the story, she has been fabricating evidence cooperating directly with District Attotneys – looking at a white power and saying “yep it sure looks like cocaine to me” and putting her thumb on the scale to make the quantity indicate a more serious crime. While some DAs are probably pissed that 30,000 cases could be thrown out and lawsuits filed for wrongful inprisonment, I suspect her case will just quietly go away – if she started talking to the FBI, some DAs would be in trouble, which seems improbable.

      How’s that war on drugs going?

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