WLS’s Don Wade had brain surgery Thursday

Oddly, I haven’t turned on WLS since I moved back to Chicago.   I enjoy Don Wade and Roma.  Don had a seizure about a week ago.  Doctors found a brain tumor.  Don Wade is 71.


I miss Tom Taylor a lot.

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3 Responses to WLS’s Don Wade had brain surgery Thursday

  1. There’s a Tom Taylor-sized void in my daily information download.

    A recent Don Wade highlight involved an interview with a local liberal congresswoman. Don wanted to know how much he should be able to keep of each dollar he makes. Congresswoman Jan (I can’t be bothered to look up the spelling of her last name) squirmed and sputtered without answering until he had to cut her loose to run some spots.

  2. Paul-3 says:

    Man, I sure hope he recovers. Until 2004 I’d live in the Chicago area since 1950. Listened to Don and Roma since they first were on WLS.

    • Art Stone says:

      I hear they were quite an item back in the pre-Talk WLS music days.

      I know them from 1989-1995ish

      My most memorable Don moment – cell phones were brand new – there was a story that made national news – a guy called 911 from his cell phone saying that he and his wife had been shot but they didn’t know where they were (long before gps was built in) – so the police had to find them by turning on their sirens and listening to hear if they heard their sirens in the cell phone.

      Don said right out that he thought it was a lie – that the man had shot and killed his wife, and then shot himself and staged the whole thing. Roma was absolutely appalled that Don blurted that out, and sounded like she was going to storm out of the room. At least at that time, it wasn’t well known (at last among the talk listeners) that they were husband and wife and had a son.

      Of course, Don turned out to be right.

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