Big Changes in Atlanta on Monday

Neal Boortz is losing the final bonus hour of his show to make room for Rush Limbaugh on WSB AM/FM.  Boortz is retiring in January and has strongly hinted on air that he wishes Cox would let him retire now as he watches his affiliates dwindle, knowing that he is leaving.   Boortz has moved to Florida and no longer is in WSB’s studios.  Dial Global is the syndicator.

Why did WSB end up with Rush?   WGST-AM – the home station of Rusty Humphries is dropping talk.   People tuning in to hear Rush on Monday will be greeted with ESPN Deportes.  Los estadounidenses no pueden obtener suficientes deportes, incluso aquellos que optan por no hablar Inglés.

The Cox of Cox Newspapers was a hard core progressive – James Cox was the Democratic candidate for President in 1920 (with FDR as VP).   After losing the election, he bought a newspaper in Atlanta and a new fangled thing called a radio station named WSB.   Rush is not in friendly territory.

If you understand the 3 generation rule, the last of generation 2 still alive is Anne Cox Chambers, the daughter of James Cox.  She is 92 years old and has 3 children that will be generation 3.   When her sister died in 2007, she had assets of about $16 billion which was left to her two children.   (Tax the rich!)

WGST also carried Michael Savage.   Savage’s exit is going to set off another cascade of schedule changes and format changes.

WGST is owned by Clear Channel.  Its 50 kW daytime and has as good a daytime signal as WSB.   This is a very unusual move.  Is Cox Radio about to sell itself to Clear Channel?

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7 Responses to Big Changes in Atlanta on Monday

  1. 3tooz says:

    When I was driving truck, The first time I heard Phil Hendrie,when being sent to L.A on a almost daily basis, (at least 4 times a week,) I used to hear him around 4 pm PST. Then after a while he had been put into the 7pm slot, I remember the 4 pm slot because I was always caught in the infamous LA commute trying to return to Nothern Ca. Phil and ummm… his guest wink wink ; cast of Bobby Joe and her husband and the Old cogger war vet, use to receive some pretty outragious calles from “the normal” people,

  2. popsmayhem says:

    i love your knowledge on radio issues why i keep reading this blog.
    maybe rusty takes the 6 to 9pm eastern spot in replacement of savage

    • Art Stone says:

      What I would like to see is Phil Hendrie back on his earlier time slot, from 7pm-10pm California Time (10 PM- 1 AM (ET)) – early enough to catch the airheads driving home on the freeways in California who want to give Phil’s guests a piece of their mind

  3. Art Stone says:

    This change happened very fast. Rusty has had a local show on WGST in addition to TRN. At about the same time, Phil Hendrie took on a local show and Laura Ingraham started doing more TV. Since syndication contracts typically only allow outside work with the consent of the syndicator, I took that as a sign that TRN and the hosts were already making alternative plans. That was before they started the ARN shows and Reverend Moon cut back the subsidy for the Washington Times.

    Rusty has not caught fire. I think his fitness kick with Suzanne Somers got old very fast. My guess is he’ll land another job at a place like WBT. I suspect he is phoning in the show to Atlanta. I haven’t listened enough to the local show to hear evidence he is actually living in Atlanta.

    • JMyrleFuller says:

      That’s the strange thing. Rusty’s in a time slot (9pm-midnight) that has almost no competition (and none in the field of conservative talk as I can recall). You have interview shows like John Batchelor and Jim Bohannon that cater more to the all-news and/or light-talk crowd and that show by Clyde Lewis that we don’t know is ever going to really stick. Yet Rusty still hasn’t got much clearance. Most of the radio stations I’ve seen would rather tape-delay some other program in that time slot.

      Savage’s recent “I quit” moment– and all the openings resulting from all the stations that carried him on tape delay– could very well have saved his job. However, only time will tell.

      • Art Stone says:

        The biggest surprise to me is the complete lack of a streaming audience for the early morning news hours (WSJ This morning, Dirk Vann, Jim Bohannon) and Jim Bohannon’s late night show. I think the bulk of their audience is still the dwindling clock radio market, not people running over to their computers to click on a stream

  4. Linda S. says:

    What is going to happen to Rusty Humphries? It seems both his home station WGST and TRN don’t hold much hope… Maybe I have missed some announcement as to his future.

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