If you doubted that AM radio is dying…

Radio Free Europe is shutting down its Medium Wave (AM) service targeting Moscow.


Europe has been a couple years ahead of US in pulling the plug on AM radio stations.

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6 Responses to If you doubted that AM radio is dying…

  1. Ed Gein says:

    I have listened to them but I’m on the other side of Afton mountain, so unless I am driving the Charlottesvile, I’m stuck with this complete shit station. They are beyond awful, total low rent Retardville.

    Luckily I am self-employed and can usually listen on line to another station.

  2. Parrott says:

    LOL !
    Hey Ed: Do you ever Listen to WCHV Charlottesville ? Their morning so before Beck seems a little strange. Sometimes I listen to them for Beck. At least you have somewhat of a choice, everything here is SWVA is cumulus and the local program manager is a frothing at the mouth Libturd that pretends to be independent and plays reruns of Dave Ramsey all morning and all weekend. If I am out in the car in the morning, I have to listen to a little station in Rural Retreat Virginia, WLOY to hear Beck, except when I drive under a power line.

    I have started listening to Hagmann and Hagmann in the evening, three hours every night online. They don’t have a affiliate around here.
    Have a good one,

  3. Ed Gein says:

    LOL, on that last line I really meant SHUT if off, no shit. Presently I’m listening to Rush from WAEB in Allentown, PA. BTW, the suck ass station near me is WKCY in Waynesboro, VA. Can’t even begin to relay how much they suck.

  4. Ed Gein says:

    The market where I live in Virginia is covered by far, by the most inept, lame, amateur talk station I have ever heard. The majority of commercial ad time is Ad Council ads, and after hearing the same ones for five years, they get a little old. Who am I kidding- they make me want to scream and turn off the radio (which I do). Not only that, their in-house ad team who produces a lot of the spots for local businesses are beyond awful. rather than hire some decent voice actors, they use station staff who have no skills and annoying voices. I have never heard a station so poorly run.

    So when I can, I tune in on line and listen to my shows broadcasting from other markets in the country. When I can’t do that, like if I’m driving, I’ll tune in until I get annoyed then shit it off.

    • Art Stone says:

      If you have cell phone coverage where you are driving, you should be able to stream – I use an iPhone and ooTunes. A lot of the syndicated hosts are also on Sirius/XM

  5. popsmayhem says:

    Is this why i have been seeing/hearing a lot of am station recently pick up sister stations on the fm

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