Detroit Justice

Unless things have changed in Detroit, Ms. Peterson has zero chance of a court ruling in her favor. She’ll be lucky if the publicity of this situation doesn’t result in a group of people arriving at her house and finding a way to trip on something and file a lawsuit.

The current police chief just “retired” after 2 years when it surfaced he was having sex for a year with the head of internal affairs. [insert joke here]. He is the 4th police chief in 4 years and the 10th in the last 20 years.

Little covered by the national media was the case of William Hart, the police chief under Coleman Young, the UAW organizer and mayor for life of Detroit. Mr Hart and Mayor Young were recorded by the FBI talking about how to split up the cash seized by the police in drug raids.

Mr Hart went to prison in 1992, Mr Young died a hero of the Democratic Party.

This is the fruit that is harvested from racial guilt.

I miss Ken Hamblin.

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5 Responses to Detroit Justice

  1. Nidster says:

    The woman should have learned how to use a Glock before going into the unlegal system.

    Has the idea of Adverse Possession made a comeback in Detroit despite legal precedents for its dismissal in the civilized parts of America?

    • Art Stone says:

      From her self description, she probably belonged to ACORN.

      $28,000 will buy you a mansion in Detroit, literally. Houses can be had for $5-$10k. At that price, you can rent the house for very little money and (in theory) make money – or more likely you strip off the bricks and the copper wiring and plumbing and vanish and let the city foreclose in a few years for unpaid taxes.

      Go to and do a search if you think I’m exaggerating. A huge problem with real estate there is – let’s say the commission is 7%. 7% on a $5,000 sale is $350 – how much time and effort can you afford to spend to make $175 before expenses?

  2. Nidster says:

    The pics of both houses are nice. Probably costs of small fortune to heat and maintain the whole house. Well, Detroit is in a fine mess overall and has little hope of climbing out anytime soon.

    • Art Stone says:

      I have a little fantasy that Mormons would decide to “take back” Detroit by buying up the property. Acting as a cohesive group with good intentions and a strict code of behavior, they might be able to return civilization one block at a time – but part of the problem is you need to find a reason for Detroit to exist as an economic engine.

      It’s on Lake Erie, it’s a gateway to Canada, it has a reliable water supply, a top notch University nearby (Ann Arbor) and a highly developed freeway system. It’s far enough south that the winters are milder than Northern Michigan. The State has a lot of agriculture and forest land

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