Beware fake gasoline mileage cures

Perhaps right wing talk listeners are more gullible, but it is starting again – the secret invention that saves you 22% on your mileage or the magic pill you put in your gas tank.

There is no such thing. They are scams. Don’t buy into it. Tell your radio stations what their syndicated shows are doing. Call your state’s consumer affairs agency and urge them to get the word out and pursue the scams legally.

You already voted!
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  1. Paul-3 says:

    Yeah, I heard Savage ‘speak’ a commercial about a gadget/additive that gives 22% more mileage. He lost a lot of credibility with me. If these snake oil devices worked, the auto companies would jump on it in a second! They’re spending millions trying to get more drops per mile to keep up with Gov. regs.

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