John Galt is dead

The total domestic gross for Atlas Shrugged, Part II is under $3 million after 10 days. Having seen part I, I was surprised they tried to make part two.

Last weekend, the movie was in a little under 1,000 screens. The average gross per screen for the three days was $650. If there were an average of 6 showings, that’s about 12 tickets per showing.

The turkey is done. Time to move on.

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  1. Nidster says:

    Parrott, don’t leave. But if you do plan to go take a look at the following 2 links before leaving. HAARP can be used to steer hurricanes. View this HAARP graph posted on Oct 26, 2012:

    Then, view the 1st graph in this article, which shows Sandy’s track. Notice how it makes a ‘dog-leg’ turn back towards land on Oct 26. There is wealth of information in this article: Obama’s October Surprise – Creating and Steering Hurricane Sandy.

  2. Jungletrump says:

    I wouldn’t write Galt off…ever. Once it hits the DVD it will rock. No movie could ever touch the book, however.

  3. Parrott says:

    Hey Art: Its a good thing you are not in Connecticut anymore. Supposedly Sandy is the perfect George Clooney storm of the century. It may even re-arrange the New Jersey coastline?

    Well, I guess this is the ‘October Surprise’ Doug Hagmann spoke of. It will probably delay the election and OBO will get to use his troops on the streets for martial law.

    Ol’ Romney had a good run, it will probably kill his momentum. They (the establishment) will lose the early votes already cast for Romney. He actually did better than I thought, but Obo has pulled HAARP out and here comes Sandy.
    It should not have been a close presidential election due to gas prices !

    Been good knowing you all, the pleasure has been mine .

  4. briand75 says:

    Interesting phenomenon. If we had a movie (and we do – sort of) that explained what Obama is going to do to destroy the nation – would people watch?

    Atlas Shrugged – good title. Would modify to America Shrugged.

    • Art Stone says:

      I was disappointed in the book. Ayn Rand was mostly a nihilist – she rejected people who wanted to call her a Libertarian.

      I was hoping the destruction of the United States was only the first part – and then she would show how objectivism would rebuild a stronger country. Her ideal community had minimal explanation of how she intended to raise the children that make up the next generation – a very large portion of any country’s economy. Hiding inside a hidden valley with no external enemies, unconstrained resources and no people who will prey on the weakness of others is hopelessly naive. She spent way too much of her American life in New York and Hollywood hanging around with the social elites. Spend a day in a prison, drive through Detroit, visit a psychiatric hospital and tell me how that’s going to work. When the new leaders emerge from the hidden valley, are the moochers suddenly going to voluntarily become slaves working in their factories? Or is the subtext that there would be genocide (ala Stalin and Mao) of those who refuse to follow the New Order as it moves “Forward”?

  5. haiti222 says:

    That’s easy…Make the speech part 2.5 of the movie, and then make part 3 of the movie the rest of the book, with a recap of the speech….

  6. I’d say there were 12 people or so in the theater when I saw it Saturday afternoon. It’s such a shame because it was a terrific movie.

    Can’t remember if we discussed this after Part 1 but there’s been speculation that there would never be a Part 3 because of Ayn Rand’s requirement that Galt’s long speech (70 pages in the first edition) be included in its entirety in an Atlas Shrugged movie.

    • Art Stone says:

      Has any “Conservative” host mentioned the movie?

      If you watch my polls, you start to get a hint of what the 80% of people who are coming here to find Conservative Talk believe. The more questions I ask, the less I have in common with them.

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