Savage back to #4

For the past 24 hours, Savage was #4 of streaming attempts, which is basically where he was before leaving TRN. #4 is about half of #3 (Laura Ingraham)

Probably more non Cumulus stations will add him next Monday. Radio Stations want paperwork and that takes time. If one of the really big market stations picks it up, he’s in great shape.

Clear Channel has one of their AM flamethrowers on board – WHAM in Rochester NY. If they were smart, they would dump the Zero guy they have on now from 9-mid (ET) and put Savage on live in any market Cumulus doesn’t control

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  1. popsmayhem says:

    I think the way art has the system set up on ranking the shows is pretty damn accurate. If you try to open too many streams it makes sure your not a bot, that keeps it to making sure only real people are running the streams. Also the people who do opt in had to take the time to switch it on and most likely have used the site more then once. Helps keeping “drive by streamers” from skewing the results. It is pretty nice having a site that doesn’t force the users into it.

    • Art Stone says:

      The roots of this go back to where I was charging people for clicks, so I wanted to be really really sure I wasn’t charging for fraudulent clicks. At one point, one of the ISP owners started clicking his own link, trying to pay me $1/click hoping to make his ranking go up.

      He was so unhappy when I refunded the money and took the clicks back out of his popularity ranking 😉

  2. HPaws says:

    I have a theory. Early television writers were often from a radio background. I think this made all the difference. I listen to “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar”, “CBS Radio Mystery Theater”, Jack Benny and Fred Allen on a regular basis. We have become a Honey Boo Boo / Obama nation, sad. Say a Novena for the soul of the nation.

    On the tracking, I’ll turn my cookie acceptance back on. Its a shame Doyle isn’t pulling up out of the dive – he’s not bad, every once in a while he just gets me laughing to myself and his financial / military background carries some weight with me. I tried to listen to Socrates W. Savage he started playing that 50’s rock-n-roll – I just can’t listen to that and I’ve heard the script.

  3. briand75 says:

    Weiner-boy is still weiner-boy. Unless someone presses him to change – it will never happen. Same for the Senate – if no one presses those socialists and elitists to change, it will never happen. It’s a fractured country and Savage is still Savage and is still employed.

    • Art Stone says:

      Last night he was clearly already slipping back into his rambling stream of consciousness format and some of his old habits. I found him reading from the Hollywood Code of Conduct pretty odd.

      I wonder if he also would like to bring back the NAB Standards and Practices code for radio and TV – where Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore had to sleep in separate beds, despite being married and having a child.

  4. Art Stone says:

    Tonight’s discoveries:
    KUHL-AM – Santa Maria CA
    WNIS-AM – Norfolk, VA
    WILM-AM – Wilmington, DE
    KFAQ-AM – Tulsa, OK
    WKBN-AM – Youngstown, OH (CC)
    WVNN-AN – Athens, AL (Cumulus)

  5. popsmayhem says:

    That is good, if more people would opt in tracking, it might be slighty higher. He sounds happier thats for sure.

  6. HPaws says:

    I have been up to my eye balls in alligators with business and trying to anticipate what I might have to do to meet the challenges of hyper inflation in 2013.

    I have just noticed that the bleary eyed, sob rag carrying Speaker of the House is AWOL on this campaign or has it just been the last 28 days? I don’t have a television so maybe I’ve not seen him making the rounds. Would Romney even want an incumbent (other than fresh-faced Ryan) in his orbit?

    • Art Stone says:

      Republicans are losing the only race that matters – the race I wrote about a year ago. The Democrats have 47 solid seats in the US Senate according to Real Clear Politics, the Republicans only 43, with 10 still a “toss up”.

      Since Romney has said virtually nothing about the Senate and basically staying away from the House & Senate races, there is close to no chance that Republicans will control the Senate and zero chance they will have the votes to “repeal and replace Obamacare”. Conservatives have this notion that the House and Senate Republicans will force Romney to be Conservative. That will never happen.

      Make your plans accordingly.

      • Nidster says:

        I share your view on the Senate, plus too many RINOs also works against the chance for repeal. Now, Real Clear Politics does not use the best polls to get to the final numbers. Many polls are skewed too heavily toward the democrats and too low on independents and republicans. There are definite signs of good early voting turnout. Lots of conservative and moderate voters can hardly wait to vote. Will Romney voters make a difference on the other races? The latest polls in several democrat leaning states are starting to trend against democrats.

        Let’s wait until after the election results (and re-counts of course) to figure out the final numbers.

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