Oh God no!

WRKO just announced that it has hired the only honest man in DC – the one who says on his web site that he does consulting work for the Republican Party, yet claims he is no shill for the Republican Party – the official brown noser to the greatest man in radio history…

I wonder how long this job will last…

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  1. Art Stone says:

    Todd Feinburg was the host being replaced. He was paired with Michelle McPhee, who had been a local TV reporter.

    Looking back on my data, Todd had tried syndication on Saturdays, but I have no memory of it. Perhaps TRN could put him at 9 PM.

    • JMyrleFuller says:

      I remember it– barely. Never listened to it, but it was on some tiny middle-of-nowhere satellite network with very few affiliates or listeners.

      • Art Stone says:

        Through the magic of databases that remember everything forever:

        | streamname | CityName    | Statex |
        | KFPW AM    | FORT SMITH  | AR     |
        | KNSS AM    | WICHITA     | KS     |
        | WDUN AM    | GAINESVILLE | GA     |
        | WILM AM/HD | WILMINGTON  | DE     |
        | WLOB AM    | PORTLAND    | ME     |
        | WLOH AM    | LANCASTER   | OH     |
        | WRKO AM    | BOSTON      | MA     |
        | WSTP AM    | SALISBURY   | NC     |
        | WTAG AM/HD | WORCESTER   | MA     |
        | WVMT AM    | BURLINGTON  | VT     |
        | WLTT FM    | BOLIVIA     | NC     |
        | KITZ AM    | SILVERDALE  | WA     |
        | WBCF AM    | FLORENCE    | AL     |

        It looks like it ended around last November - probably about the time WRKO hired him. Maybe he had a one year contract.

  2. Art Stone says:

    It’s probably worth mentioning that he’s been doing the 11 AM hour for a couple months, which he’ll continue to do. So he’ll be 6-9 am followed by two hours of a radio guy who wants you to turn over your life savings to him to invest followed by a bonus hour of the first honest man in Boston.

    Entercom owns WRKO-AM – if you’re wondering if the RKO is connected with the RKO movie company, the answer is Yes. This was another of the stations that the government forced Howard Hughes to divest because of the Anti Dog eat Dog rule. The station had been owned by a local department store since the 1920s and called WNAC. RKO was broken up the first time when the government decided it was a bad thing for movie studios to also own theaters. RKO’s theater chain part bought the station in 1955 in conformance with the 3 generation rule when the 3rd generation wanted the cash, not the job of running a business. RKO Teleradio later merged with General Tire, forming RKO General.

    While Entecom has around 20 news/talk format stations, it has no syndication operation at this point other than its regional sports network WEEI. Entercom is still traded as a public company. Five years ago, the stock was around $16, dropped to $.55 in the 2008 panic, and back up to about $6

    • JMyrleFuller says:

      I remember Entercom had a small syndication operation in the late 2000s; one of the local ownership groups in WNY is Entercom, and I heard a couple of the shows. They dismantled it– I don’t quite know why they did, but they did. So don’t expect them to get back into that business any time soon. They had their taste and didn’t like it.

  3. mbaker says:

    I like Kuhner when you can get past his voice. I think you have to be a brown noser to get along with Savage.

  4. foyle says:

    … I think Kuhner and the Great American Bill Cunningham would be a perfect pair to host a show together. They would definitely be sure of not having me as a listener.

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