Who is Shashank Tripathi?


Up until today, he was the campaign director for Chris Wight, who is running as a Republican for the US House. He is running for the 12th District, which includes the east half of most of Manhattan.

“After arriving in New York, Chris spent 15 years working for the world’s largest investment banks including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and J.P. Morgan.”

His campaign director has established a network of media contacts in New York. During the events of Sandy, Mr. Tripathi thought it would be a clever idea to make up things (like the NYSE trading floor was under 3 feet of water) and see if CNN would repeat it as true without verification.

If you have been to Wall Street, the tip of Manhattan is bedrock that comes up to the surface – in between Wall Street and midtown, you have to dig through 50 feet or so of fill and sediment to reach bedrock. The NYSE and JP Morgan are on a hill above Battery Park and it would be highly improbable that water would reach the building, let alone be 3 feet into the trading floor. In the basement below the basement perhaps…

Good going there…

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  1. Nidster says:

    How long Mr. Tripathi remains smug is debatable, but he did expose the so-called journalists who swallowed his prank tweets as fact, to be as gullible as guppies. Who knows exactly what the embarrassed reporters will do, but I betcha Tripathi will get some blow-back for his pranks. Sort of analogous to him sticking a “Kick Me” sign on his back. At least the candidate who fired his ass did the right thing and delivered the first kick.

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