Spencer Hughes says “Adios”

I predicted that if Fox talk radio was actually dropped by SiriusXM, its viability was unlikely – the network has very few terrestrial affiliates and to some degree irritates them by constantly reminding people the shows are on satellite.

Alan Colmes is by far the Fox Talk station with the most affiliates. His show currently airs from 10 PM to 1 AM ET. Fox just announced he’ll be moving to 6 to 9 PM, the time currently occupied by Spencer Hughes. They’ll refeed the show at its current time, but it will no longer be live, similar to how TRN decided to refeed Rusty Humphries’ show in the late evening when he moved to afternoon – to avoid hiring a replacement. Non-live syndicated talk radio has no purpose.

Unless News Corp wants to just pour money down a rat hole, I can’t see them keeping this going much longer – and right now News Corp is more interested in acquiring the newspapers owned by Chicago based Tribune Company.

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Both Fox/NewsCorp and SiriusXM are interesting. Used to be Fox News would stream live on the internet for free, it stopped years ago. They are also suing to stop people from fast forward through the content they pay for if the fast forwarding is to skip their advertisers. Their movie DVDs and tapes have long had commercials on them, and their Wall Street Journal and now Australian paper have pay gates to access content.

    SiriusXM regularly polls its paying customer to find out the channels they listen to and how often, and they get real data on their internet streams. While paying customers may lie and say they listen to a station 16 hours per day, that is still an indicator that they’d be upset if SiriusXM stopped carrying the channel.

    NewCorp has over played its hand and its Fox Business Network has on been on SiriusXM for years. Fox New channel had a recent campaign to get its viewers to lobby SiriusXM to pay up for the Fox Talk station and openly expressed concern that SiriusXM didn’t seem interested in renewing with the Fox News channel.

    As far as I am concerned, there is no shortage of new channels and especially no shortage of talk radio shows. NewsCorp should be paying me to listen to their advertiser sponsored RNC propaganda.

  2. Art Stone says:


    Spencer’s last show was February 14th

    According to my database, his show never had a terrestrial affiliate. Perhaps that was by design so the show wasn’t constrained by a show clock with commercial breaks for affiliates, while having to keep SiriusXM listeners entertained.

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