Drone this

This is pretty amazing. Each one of this guy’s videos get better

This is taken with a remote control quadcopter that is transmitting images in real time so the pilot can steer it wherever he wants. The battery lasts around 10 minutes

We surely need a bunch of new drone laws.

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  1. Parrott says:

    “We surely need a bunch of new drone laws.”

    I will call Senator Tim Kaine, (D) VA. and Lindsey Graham -ham -ham -ham (R) SC.
    offices and get truly bi-partisan (stupidity) on that. There is bound to be a tax in-there somewhere with drones too.

  2. briand75 says:

    That should scare the Hollywood types. This quality video from a guy with a quadcopter and a decent camera. Stunning.

    I bet Eric Holder has one of these and probably time shares with Napolitano.

  3. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    I have one that I can not fly that well, but it is near flying it over my own house and looking down on the roof and yard. The controlling app is just a download from Google Play designed for kids to have a lot of control over the helicopter. It would not be impossible for an engineer to replace that with pre-programmed flights.

    The way it works is that the helicopter is a local WIFI hotspot and the Android phone connects to it rather than a WIFI hotspot connected to the internet.

    What that means is that the Boston bomber, using standard toy parts and a cell phone, was able to detonate with no transaction with any of the cell towers. Media reports are that the electronics for the detonation were toy parts “possibly” for a remote controlled car.

    In 1991 there big talk was the demonstration of a an internet toaster. (See this article from MIT / Cambridge, MA from 2001 http://www.technologyreview.com/article/400889/internet-on-a-chip/ )

    Have no fear of the internet connected toaster, but lobby for background checks and a new government “no cook list” for anyone even thinking thinking about buying an internet connected pressure cooker.

    • Art Stone says:

      I admit I’m a little out of the loop on the “toaster” thing… Back a ways there was some geek insider thing about “flying toasters”. It was something about Amiga computers or something like a screen saver that meant “I’m gay” or something

      Just the stuff I’ve seen so far on YouTube with the geeky unattached males with too much time on their hands… One video of a quad copter chasing a police car in its rear view mirror… When the policeman wonders why he is now being chased and starts to chase the quad copter, they set it down on a rooftop, out of reach of the police, and no indication who is flying it or where they are.

      The other video shows guys who have rigged up a remote control payload release – it sounded like a paintball was the intended payload

      So what happens when at a football game one of these things starts flying over the players.

      There is a companion video showing his gear and carrying cases. His current setup is he wears a VR headset being fed the images from a steering camera in real time, then the higher def camera is recording to a memory card. So flying it is mostly using the VR helmet to steer – looking in the direction you want to go. Using just va joystick is confusing because if you turn the copter around so now it is coming toward you, the left/right controls are backward

  4. Nidster says:

    Someone call Alex Jones. He could get some geeks to fly a squadron of these to the next Bilderberg meeting, or better yet, to the Bohemian Grove occult outing where they burn an image of an owl.

  5. Art Stone says:

    A couple other things – he shoots during the “golden hour” – the hour after the sun comes up and the hour before sunset. It’s something Hollywood does.

    The video is a little jumpy – I suspect that is a YouTube artifact.

    The most striking thing in the video to me is flying over the tulips – he is almost right on top of them, but the diffuse air movement spread over 8 blades doesn’t create any motion in the flowers.

    I suspect some portions of that were actually playing in reverse

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