Category Archives: Technology Combine Google Earth with Streaming Radio and magic happens One of the pesky questions is whether in a streaming world people care where a station is located. Weather Garden uses your location as a starting point – it didn’t … Continue reading

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Amazon launches unlimited on-demand music service

Amazon Music Unlimited is an “on demand” music service. This is different than Sirius XM which has music channels and pandora which guesses what songs you want to hear. Spotify is the closest competitor where you can ask for specific … Continue reading

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Securenet systems comes around

Better late than never… Their v5 player now launches on mobile devices without needing to download one app per station. It just plays. The player is used by close to 1000 radio stations. It breaks the business model of selling … Continue reading

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Apple’s iPhone 7 problem

“Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded” Yogi Berra Bloomberg is declaring the demise of Apple because they are selling too many iPhones. Apple Stores are dying A number of money managers bailed on Apple reassuring each other that Apple … Continue reading

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Ohio Turnpike to allow self-driving vehicles

AP Story This is an excellent choice. The OH turnpike is flat, has few interchanges and relatively light traffic. It skirts the major cities of Youngstown, Cleveland and Toledo. It is intended to be a through route for trucks, not … Continue reading

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SpaceX does great TV

When NASA sent Apollo to the moon, it wasn’t critical to the mission to have live TV pictures from the moon – but NASA understood that public support for the mission required it. This morning, SpaceX launched JCSAT16 into geosynchronous … Continue reading

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I’ve joined the dark side

After spending 20 minutes to get a web page to load, I’ve given up.

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A $billion thanks from Charlotte

The former Mayor of Charlotte Anthony Foxx (no relation to Vicente Fox or Redd Foxx) is currently the Secretary of the Department of Transportation. Under his careful stewardship, a year ago the Gold Line Streetcar was brought to life. The … Continue reading

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Pokémon GO

The latest big thing Move over Facebook and Apple Health App Turn on GPS and your camera and go outside Hmmm, how could radio benefit from this?

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Radio Uber

So when people ride using Uber, what happens with the “radio”? What are the rules? For about the past 3 years, I don’t even turn on the radio in my own car, so when riding Uber, asking the driver to … Continue reading

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