” I don’t think the violence is going to stop no time soon”

What a negative person. Crime is down 69% and still unhappy.


I wonder how much city taxes Mr Blair paid last year…

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5 Responses to ” I don’t think the violence is going to stop no time soon”

  1. Nidster says:

    Oh, yeah…..”Emanuel said. “We’ve started something, which is these … strategic saturation areas.” The comments below this article are very telling.

    Security??? You want security? Oh, yeah, they’ll provide security the likes of which have not been seen since Auschwitz.

  2. HPaws says:

    He said it. He said it on TV. It must be true. You must not love our City the way we do. When will we get Real Housewives of Chatham.

  3. Ed Gein says:

    Nice to see double negatives have not gone of out vogue. That dude don’t know nothin.

  4. Art Stone says:

    Chatham is the best black neighborhood on the South Side. It had been a European immigrant neighborhood until 1950, largely Jewish, so the area has solid buildings, good public transit and good schools. It extends from 79th street to 95th along the Dan Ryan Freeway (the freeway with the Red Line running out to suburbia). Today the area is not at all diverse it is 97.2% black – with a population of around 37,000, there are only 120 who self identify as white, and a smattering of Hispanicand Asian folks. Children growing up here likely will never know a child that is of a different ethnic background. Another interesting statistic is that for each 100 females, there are only 77 males. When you factor in that many of those males are children, this is a neighborhood dominated by single black mothers, probably government employees

    The Mayor clearly was very uncomfortable around groups of real black people (unlike his half black boss who doesn’t know what being an American means). This clearly was a photo op, nothing more. He didn’t learn a damn thing by strolling down the street for 2 minutes in front of a TV Camera. He’s not fooling anyone, especially the people in that neighborhood, most of whom were probably at work during that time of the day. But that won’t stop them from voting for him again

  5. Parrott says:

    Good, if they vote for him, they deserve him, ‘double negative’ and all, LOL!
    He must have learned a lot is school, not. And, as John McCain would say: my ‘friend’ across the aisle from the great state of Georgia, who thinks Guam will tip over ( with a straight face). LOL That is exactly what you get when you vote for these ass-clowns.
    There is an old saying here in Virginia, that I use to hear quite often when I was way younger and could hear the older generations, that have passed on now, talking about the troubling times, back then, some 35+ years ago.
    I can’t repeat it, because it is inflammatory. But Art talking about the neighborhood being ‘solid’ at one time with good schools and such, just reminded me about the old saying.
    Hate that for the hard working folks that are just trying to get by. Cause you just can’t generalize.

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