Glenn Beck was Diane Sawyer’s little bitch

That’s hot

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8 Responses to Glenn Beck was Diane Sawyer’s little bitch

  1. Sawyer’s fallen a long way since her time in the Nixon White House.

  2. Nidster says:

    Diane Sawyer’s missed another “HOT” story that is sure to go viral. Howard ‘potty-mouth’ Stern interviewed a real hottie, Sydney Leathers…..”One of Anthony Weiner’s most recent sexting partners went on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show Tuesday and the discussion unsurprisingly took a raunchier turn than her first TV appearance on Inside Edition. Sydney Leathers told Stern, “As funny as it would be to have a Mayor Carlos Danger, I think he’s a little too busy jacking off to do anything for the city.”

    I think Diane Sawyer could put this whole story into focus for the nation by reminding everyone, particularly the union leaders of their most beloved POTUS, Bill Clinton, who regularly hosted the little girl, intern Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.

    • Art Stone says:

      I have the impression if you’re a woman and want a union job, putting out to the shop steward just goes with the job

    • Art Stone says:

      The thing I like most about Stern is his successful campaign to get the NJ Highway Department to do road construction at night. Chicago definitely needs this – relatively minor road projects here put up cones that block traffuc lanes for months and months with no evidence that any progress is being made.

  3. Nidster says:

    Whenever I hear the name, Diane Sawyer, it reminds me of something like this….. “Anthony Weiner‘s communications director went on one of the most unhinged tirades in recent political history against a former intern. One of the most benign quotes he made about here were, “She’s a F—ing slutbag.”

    Can hardly wait till Lew Dickey and his corporate advertisers read that story.

    • Nidster says:

      The liberal left’s War on Women is on full display and in focus in New York City, the setting for the infamous and perverse TV series, “Sex in the City”.

      Weiner, no not Michael, it’s the other Weiner, is the Poster Boy for the liberal left in America. Weiner’s Masturbation Campaign is only eclipsed in history by the former administration headed by the Sexual Predator, who as Jeremiah Wright claimed in his sermons, “Bill did us just like he did Monica Lewinski. He was riding dirty.”

      What choice do New Yorkers have in the mayoral election? Is Weiner or Spitzer the only choices? And where is Diane Sawyer’s reporting on this story?

      • Nidster says:

        Erick J. Salgado, Minister, 42 — Democrat is running for mayor of NYC. He represents the fast-growing community of evangelical Hispanics. Unconfirmed rumors say he wants to put up billboards in Anthony Weiner’s political strongholds with a short, simple motto: “Vote with your Weiner, not your brain!”

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