More desk space!

Sunday was my last day working for the food distribution company that was my reason for moving to Chicago (or more accurately my excuse). I’ve got health insurance not tied to employment, an apartment that is perfect for my needs and I like living here.

Today, I returned my monitor and laptop to work and said the final goodbyes. We’re parting on good terms, on the understanding I might return some day, but for now other things become my focus.

This web site and blog are probably not what I’m referring to – short term, I have relatives to see and arrangements to make as I drift toward whatever lies ahead – but for now, there is a nice empty spot on my computer desk looking for a new purpose.

One thing I probably will do is to reinstall Windows7 on the computer running the web server. The reason is to free up 800 GB of disk space I don’t want Windows owning since the PC is running Linux, not Windoze. I’ve tried shrinking the C: partition, but without success. I’ll probably do this on the weekend. Once I have those massive GB of disk space, the sky is the limit of things I might do.

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  1. WesternMA says:

    I do hope you’ll continue to do what you’re good at…writing commentary. Your background information is something we seldom hear about except on this blog. In the meantime, relax and enjoy some much deserved freedom.
    I hope, however, SRG will continue. With the 2014 elections coming up, things are about the get very messy.

  2. HPaws says:

    Good Luck, relax a bit.
    Go out and buy a Powerball ticket for the heck of it….. you never know.

  3. Nidster says:

    Best wishes on moving forward with your time and hope you all the best in whatever you decide to do. A good visit with relatives will be a refreshing change. My better half will leave tomorrow morning with her 2 brothers and will whizz past Chicago for their annual reunion in Wisconsin. Of course I get to stay behind to take care of the ‘livestock’, feed the ‘hummers’, and complete more ‘reports’.

    There are lots of things and projects to focus on. I’m focusing on Flir, bluewater boats and lots of other stuff these days. Best of luck with your endeavors!

  4. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Perhaps you could investigate this and be ready to present the answer as Art’s first caller from “east of the Rockies” 🙂

  5. Parrott says:

    well, If you are good with it, then best wishes. One thing we never have enough of is time. I don’t get drunk enough. I need to watch more hummingbirds & relax.
    Going to the range and really zero-in the rifles, relaxing, Cause time is flying by, its been 13 years since 2000, and I feel like I have wasted most of them. (sigh)

    Yeah drift in and out of the ionosphere like a good AM signal late at night Art, and enjoy what you like doing.

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