Mandatory helmets for walking down the street

Normally I’m dismissive of “person on the street” videos trying to portray that most people hold a point of view, since they’ll edit out the people not saying what the person creating the video want people to believe is the attitude of all the public.

But this is just depressing – Alex Jones asked people to sign a petition demanding a law that people be required to wear helmets while walking down the street. Over half if the people signed the petition.

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  1. HPaws says:

    Beck does the calls to convenient stores in football cities, Hannity does the on the street quiz game something about this is wrong. Never thought Allen Funt had a funny show – I don’t need people surprising me and goading me into showing my stupid cards. I do well enough on my own – then to turn around and hold a private situation up to public mockery for personal profit – no class.

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