Illinois Conceal Carry getting close

If you know anything about gun control laws, you’ll immediately recognize Morton Grove, Illinois.

The “source” of this story says there is so much demand for “no guns in this store” signs that he is spamming them to people who didn’t ask for them. Surprisingly, some businesses are telling him they won’t use the signs because they’ll lose business.

The Illinois law passed to comply with the US Supreme Court gave the State Police six months to set up a system to issue Conceal Carry permits. Chicago has since rescinded most of its gun control requirements which contradicted the state law. Look for a large decrease in Chicago shootings.

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  1. Nidster says:

    Perhaps I missed the whole point of MG banning guns in the 1st place. Was there some upsurge in gun related crime? Were parents withholding the prescribed psychotropic, antidepressant, antipsychotic, psychoactive meds from their kids and sending them back to school during their withdrawal period?

    • Art Stone says:

      Not mentioned in that story – the trigger for the ordinance was someone applied to the zoning board to open a gun store. Not only did they say no, the city fathers then passed a complete ban on handgun ownership, including people who already owned guns. 5 guns were turned in the first day – apparently 22 total over 5 years

      The ban was repealed quietly in 2008 after the Heller decision. Curiously, the local news stories at the time seem to have deliberately avoided citing the name of the case.

      Somewhat unrelated, Detroit never jumped on the gun control bandwagon. I tend to believe that the city fathers know history well enough to know the primary goal of gun control laws was to keep guns out of the hands of blacks. Given the racial makeup of the Northern suburbs of Chicago and the fear “they” were starting to move North, that all makes sense.

      Skokie is on the borders of the other banning suburbs but didn’t follow with a “symbolic” ban. Skokie has a large population of Holocaust survivors (and their children) who know all too well what the motives and consequences of gun bans are.

  2. Nidster says:

    OK, the part about the guy wanting to open a gun shop went over my head as a valid reason for a demand that “no guns in this store” signs should be posted. Perhaps the opposition to the idea of self defense must come from a typical knee-jerk reaction of the mentally ill who HOPE the ‘bad guys’ won’t hurt them if the victims just hand over all their worldly possessions, allow their women to be raped, and all that jazz. Thanks for the clarification.

    Your last paragraph about Skokie having a large population of Holocaust survivors must indicate those folks were seeing the “handwriting on the wall” with regards to what was coming down the pike, sorta like, “trick my family into entering the gas chambers once, but never again”.

    • Art Stone says:

      I conflated two things so I’ll sort it out.

      It was the guy wanting to open a gun store in 1981 that provoked Morton Grove to pass the gun ban. They freely admit they don’t have a problem with crimes or gun violence, but wanted to lay down the precedent that a city could create gun laws that were more restrictive than state or federal laws.

      Earlier this year when the state was “forced” into passing a law allowing not only open carry but concealed carry, the legislature dealt with the issue of whether a business could say “no guns allowed”. The law was written that if a business wants to ban guns, they have to put a sign by the door. The Governor Pat Quinn used a veto process where he gets to change the law and send it back. Quinn reversed the rule saying that the presumption is that every business does not want guns and the business has to post a “guns allowed” sign. The legislature told Quinn to shove his antigun agenda by a wide bipartisan margin and overrode his veto.

      The media establishment in Chicago is still very antigun. This news story was about this guy trying to get his business friends in Morton Grove to put up the official “no guns” signs. He seemed surprised people were not receptive to his idea.

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