Taking the Rhodes less traveled

Progressive Talker Randi Rhodes started her journey in South Florida and going through the Air America mess and wound up back on Premiere in “syndication”

She creates the show from 3-6 PM, but most of the ten affiliates that I know of air the show later in the evening after AM stations reduce power after the sun goes down.

Her contract is up at the end of the year and it sounds like a divorce is likely (per Tom Taylor). There is some suspicion that she’ll wind up on Cumulus after the acquisition of Westwood One and Dial Global is complete.

That brings back the question of what Cumulus and the Dickey Brothers are going to do with the Progressive talk lineup. They have one driving priority because of their debt – cutting costs and increasing revenue. The Progressive talk lineup is not on any Cumulus stations. It seems unlikely Cumulus will change formats of their existing stations to pick up their shows that are anti-business and hate corporations that make profits. Stay tuned.

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  1. Parrott says:

    Art: Have you listened to local WBT, with a real radio on your table yet ? maybe you will do a review of them ? I can only pick them up at night, on a radio.
    They are not cumu-lost are they ?

    • Art Stone says:

      Briefly on my car radio.

      WBT used to be owned by an insurance company (Jefferson Pilot) that was acquired by Lincoln Financial that wanted the insurance business, but not the radio stations. WBT was sold to Greater Media which owns stations mainly around Boston.

  2. HPaws says:

    I’ll never forget the time I was listening on a real table top radio (it has been a while) to Rhodes on WJNO. She called Rush a schmuck and tried to make the case in some bizarre Terry McAuliffe accounting way that statistically she was more successful than Rush in radio. She suffers from Bush derangement syndrome and several variations of the same.

  3. HPaws says:

    As in the VA Gov. race, the ‘libertarian’? I got a hoot out of the liberals and communists who are offended by that TX race with Dave Wilson but giggle and titter at the libertarian straw men. No principles, no values – the liberals guiding rule is, “If we like it, it is good.” Morons.

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