Salem Radio expands more into online content

Salem is a for-profit publicly traded corporation that runs several networks of Owned and Operated radio stations – one is purely religious programming using third parties to make the contributions tax deductible even though Salem is not tax exempt. They also run the conservative talk lineup which airs onh their network of mostly AM radio stations, and a modest syndication effort. (Bennett, Gallagher, Medved, Prager, Hewitt…

But in the last few years, Salem started to make money from web sites and book publishing – most well known is

A day or two ago there was a news item that they were buying from Michelle Malkin and today’s news is they are acquiring with a lot of PR spin that they are consolidating as many Conservative web sites under their brand as they can. Maybe once that happens, we’ll finall learn the truth about Barack Obmana’s birth certificate (the woman who certified his purported certificate just died in a plane crash!)

Tangentially related, Guardian Angels Founder and Salem radio host Curtis Sliwa was just in court trying to get his child support payments reduced. He claims that he is now making only a small fraction of his former WABC income – he says his income is now only $150k. 10 or 15 years ago, a major market personality would typically make a million dollars.

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  1. Parrott says:

    Interesting that they don’t have a Salem station in Charlotte? Its a pretty good size market, and in the Bible belt. They have one in Louisville but not Charlotte.
    They have a weak station in DC cause it’s hard to hear out in Leesburg VA.


  2. Curtis does morning AND afternoon drive for Salem’s WNYM in the New York market. Imagine how low the pay must be for off-air personnel!

  3. Art Stone says:

    Salem is waking from its slumber.

    All of this buying up right wing media properties, and putting a Premiere host on an O&O major market station are big signals.

    The big news is they just created the new position of President. Salem is still run by the two co-founders – Ed Atsinger is 72 and Stu Epperson is 75.

    The new guy who is surely being groomed to be the second generation is Dr. Frank Wright. He was the head of the National Religious Broadcasters and currently runs the Center for Christian Statesmanship. The Center is named after D. James Kennedy, a long time televangelist who died in 2007. Expect to here more about the United States being a “Christian Nation” with some confusion over whether the Constitution has 10 amendments or 10 Commandments.

    The Salem talk lineup has been the “soft sell”. The hosts clearly all have strong religious faith, but the don’t generally whip out the Bible to justify their point of view and on’t ask you to send in money to ask God to heal you. That’s the role of their other religious teaching network.

    I sense the Salem lineup is about to change. Phil Boyce, formerly of WABC and then TRN works now for Salem. He is the guy who got Hannity and Levin on the network.

    Lew Dickey of Cumulus was in Chicago yesterday talking to the staff of WLS AM & FM. CEOs don’t visit in person just to be social. Hannity is leaving in two weeks, Don Wade and Jake Hartford are dead.

    My guess is Cumulus is about to sell (or at least lease) WLS to Clear Channel. I’m way out on a limb with that prediction, but it makes sense. Chicago is too big of a market to ignore. A big part of the $2.2 billion in debt owed by Cumulus was to buy these heritage AM stations that Lew Dickey’s management is driving into the ground by irrational cost cutting that you might do in a failing small market, but not in the biggest markets in the country. Roll over you debt means you’re inviting the bankers to tell you even more bluntly what you are going to do.

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