Alea Iacta Est

The Democrats are getting a little smarter, restraining themselves from posting “anti teabagger” screeds when there is a shooting that makes it to national attention.

The Denver Post reported right away that the latest shooter in Colorado is anti-Republican and in favor of tighter gun control laws. He recently turned 18, didn’t have a mental health or criminal record. He legally bought a shotgun and ammunition. He was also carrying a machete and three incendiary devices.

The first account of the story included a statement from a fellow student in their economics class that the shooter was a Socialist. Editors quickly removed that detail from the story as documented here

When caught by readers, the explanation was that the fellow student’s opinion doesn’t make it a fact. I don’t think that was the policy applied to speculation about George Zimmerman by people who never even knew him, let alone spent time with him in a classroom.

He was looking for the female librarian and debate coach who recently kicked him off the debate team. The student carried the shotgun into the school in plain view and the librarian left the school to lure him away – she and others pretty clearly knew he was going to try to kill her.

Early reports said two students were shot – that turned out to be wrong – the second girl was splattered by blood, but had no gun wounds.

Alea Iacta Est was written on the young man’s arm – it is Latin for “the die is cast” – a phrase attributed to Julius Caesar telling his troops they had gone beyond the point of no return when they crossed the Rubicon river to launch a war with Pompey.

It’s also the name of a large guild within the online combat game World of Warcraft. Probably a coincidence, but worth asking a question or two.

A shotgun is one of the least effective weapons around. They fire shotgun pellets that spread out in a circular pattern. That’s useful for shooting flying birds. When used to shoot at humans, the cause of death will be blood loss rather than destruction of vital organs or making the head explode. Since the pellets spread out quickly, the shotgun is only effective at very close range. Shotguns can also fire a metal slug which is a solid piece of metal, but since a shotgun does not have rifling in the barrel, a shotgun slug is also not very effective other than at close range. All of that is somewhat irrelevant since the shooting was at close range by a person who had little experience with guns. A knife in trained hands would be just as lethal.

Shotguns are illegal almost nowhere iin the world, ncluding the Soviet Union at the height of the suppression of people’s freedom. Since they’re used for hunting and are not easy to conceal (unless you shorten the barrel), they are not heavily regulated. There are 1.4 million shotguns in England and Wales.

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  1. foyle says:

    Well, if nothing else comes from this investigation the NSA should be able to tell us exactly how many points the shooter had in World of Warcraft 😉 (I assume you get “points in WoW? I’ve never played it).

  2. Nidster says:

    Good find, Art. I’m sure if we put our collective minds together we could find similar stories where certain details were scrubbed from the ‘record’. One example was a reporter in Dallas, TX who 50 years ago filed the first story that more than one gunman shot at JFK. That fact was scrubbed from the story. When the reporter questioned the editor about why it was changed, he admitted the FBI ‘requested’ that all stories should mention one, and only one shooter. And, who can forget the film taken by Abraham Zapruder that shows the SS driver turned around and fired a handgun at point blank range at JFK? Oh wait, the American media always cropped the film so as to leave that out and everyone may not have viewed it. Oh, well. Just a bit of ancient history now.

    • foyle says:

      I have burned in my memory the words and image of Dan Rather reporting about John Doe #2 on the day of the Oklahoma City bombing, going so far as to give witness descriptions of him and the vehicle he was seen in.

      Conveniently scrubbed away as well….

  3. Nidster says:

    The Clinton-Reno Justice Department laid down the official story that the Oklahoma bombing was a purely domestic terrorist act and tried to associate radio talk show hosts with Conservative or Libertarian leanings as being responsible for whipping up hate. This is pure Social Engineering, and psychologically speaking it is Projection, whereby they ascribe their own dark motives onto their opponents. The Clinton Regime and the whole Establishment Media Cabal wanted to remove the Constitutional prohibitions that keeps the government from running roughshod over the people. With the current Regime there are definite examples of usurping the Constitution and ruling by Fiat. At the present time the Establishment is doing it by way of ObamaCare. Think of its onerous and unworkable provisions that need to be delayed, or when certain sectors are exempted from implementing the Plan.

    Jayna Davis at was an investigative reporter for KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City that did an extensive investigation the uncovered many disturbing facts. Doug Hagmann a PI who operates Northeast Intelligence Network said Jayna’s report was the most comprehensive and well supported investigation he had ever read. Yet, when Jayna attempted to have the FBI accept her report at their offices they refused to accept it. Was that a situation of plausible deniability?

    • foyle says:

      You are correct. I remember the hysteria from NPR and the MSM outlets blaming talk radio for the OKC bombing. There was pressure brought on Rush, G Gordon, and even Art Bell (whose show had been much more tilted towards actual news with a mix of wacky UFO stuff up until OKC happened).

      I also remember listening to NPR the day of the Boston Marathon bombing. They were immediately pointing fingers at “Patriots” and “Tea Party” types because the bombing happened on Patriot Day in Boston — thus it was supposed to be some sort of political statement. (Is anyone shocked that NPR never issued an apology to “Patriots” and “Tea Party” folks for their blatantly wrong reporting?)

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        I had a similar incident in the late 80s. Someone broke into my parked car and stole the after market stereo. The police didn’t want to take the report and did not investigate. As the walked away, they told me they already knew how did it – “drug addicts”. They were guilty of almost everything back during those years.

  4. Parrott says:

    Yes! you all are exactly right. I am glad I am not alone in belief.
    Back then all Reno wanted to do was chase skirts at the justice department. There were so many holes in that investigation, ol’ McVey is dead now, but ol ‘clinky’ is still riding around with all the ‘rebuild Haiti’ money. So unfair.
    And everyone thinks Hilliary would be better than obo as President. Oh hell no!
    Just ask Vince Foster
    I listen to Doug & Joe Hagmann when I get a chance. Their show is growing in popularity.
    You know when I hear a lot of crazy cheit about the Boston Marathon bombing, it is not a simple open/shut case. There is a lot of history and you cannot believe the ‘official’ report, Just sayin

    • Art Stone says:

      It is curious how the Democrats who oppose the death penalty for the most obvious and horrible crimes managed to put McVeigh on the express train to extermination.

    • Nidster says:

      The occult (hidden) secret societies employ ‘magic’ in their Social Engineering. They have tenants, a doctrine if you will, that they must follow in order for their ‘magic trick’ to have its intended affect. One of those tenants is that they must tell the people who are to be affected by their SE, what it is they intend to do. In addition they must make clear what is the ‘work’ to be accomplished.

      So, take the Boston Marathon bombing for instance, held on Patriot’s Day, Monday, April 15, 2013, which was not a public holiday in other parts of the United States.

      According to the Department of Homeland Security documents acquired by the Boston Globe, the agents were planning on conducting training exercises centered around a fictitious terrorist group called ‘Free America Citizens’, a group that would plant backpacks full of explosives around Boston that the detectives would be forced to track down.

      Next, what was the ‘work’ to be accomplished? During the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after his brother was killed, the area was shutdown and everyone was told to stay inside their houses. The patriots voluntarily gave up their Liberty.

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