Sekkusu Shinai Shokogun

This Guardian article is about Japan, but I think Japan is just ahead of the curve.

The article

The article discusses how young adults in Japan are deciding there is no point to love and sex, and the government and social pressures are pushing the adults away from pairing up and raising children.

The woman being profiled trying to work on this threw out the line she often has to get her clients “to stop apologising for their own physical existence”. I see this all over the place, mostly a result of government nannyism that demands you stop wasting 1/2 watt of electricity to save it for the future.

I definitely fit the profile of “hikikomori”. Our society (led by the media) has worked very hard to promote things that prevent men and women committing to raising a family – scaring people about each other, breaking down the social structures of dating and mate selection. None of this by accident.

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