Bank of America sells Cumulus stock

Bank of America Capital sold roughly a million dollar’s worth of Cumulus stock on Monday, just as several Security advisory firms just started touting Cumulus Nedia stock as something you should want to buy

SEC Form 4

Meanwhile Lew Dickey recently gave himself 4.6 million 10 year CMLS stock options exercisable at $5.92 a share

Stock Option Form 4

The stock closed on Tuesday at $7.65 a share which means Lew basically gave himself $10 million of stockholder equity. Isn’t capitalism great?

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  1. Parrott says:

    I need to check and make sure none of those dam mutual funds in my 401K don’t have any ‘Cumulost’ .

  2. I wonder how much Cumulus stock Opie and Anthony bought? They were given $100,000 worth each before…and by the time they left the company, it was worthless.

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