Rusty Humphries update

Last night’s Rusty Humphries show was beyond bizarre. Pretty much since Humphries left TRN after they announced they were suing Jerry Doyle, the show has been guest hosted by Charles Butler, a former host from WVON in Chicago. His radio persona is he is portraying a black TEA party supporter.

Instead of Humphries or Butler, we had Roy Masters, the de facto owner of TRN “filling in” for Rusty. He mentioned he is used to doing a show without doing any show preparation – in fact he never has prepared for any show he has done.

He then mentioned that Rusty would be returning shortly, as soon as he got over his “stress” [The stress of being threatened by lawsuits that both Savage and Ingraham both won at trial allowing them to leave]. Roy then offered the notion that Rusty would get over his “stress” faster if he would just let Roy counsel him (which probably means either hypnosis and/or mind control tapes)

Even the most inattentive program director should be catching on by now. Rusty has been over in Europe hanging out with his Hollywood friends. He has a career doing cartoon voices and song parodies. I’m sure he would like to be on the air, but I can’t imagine him returning to the air on TRN.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    The last time I heard Butler on the air, he was clearly uncomfortable saying that Rusty was coming back “soon”. My guess is Charles finally realized why he had this sudden great opportunity land in his lap, and Roy unexpectedly had to fill in at the last moment.

    Jerry Doyle did return to the air a couple weeks go, but still is making it pretty clear he is under “stress”

  2. Nidster says:

    Beyond bizarre is a good description. What are they going to do now, call it the Rusty Humphries – Charles Butler (and whomever we can get to talk 3 hours a day) Show? That format should sell a ton of ad time.

  3. I don’t even know when Rusty’s show aired. He was doing 8-11 CST, but when Savage won his freedom, didn’t they move Jerry Doyle and give Rusty Jerry’s old spot, but keep the Rusty 8-11 re-feed? It’s all screwed up because it doesn’t even matter whose show it is if the host is never there. There is no TRN as far as I’m concerned, and I’m sure Andrea Tantaros and Phil Hendrie would also agree.

    • Art Stone says:

      Yes – your memory is correct. Humphries was on 9 PM to Midnight. When they lost Savage, Doyle moved to Savage’s time slot (6-9 PM) and Humphries moved to 3-6 PM with the show rebroadcast at 9-12 PM.

      Jerry Doyle had few affiliates carrying the show live. He had several health problems that caused him to be away from the show for extended periods of time. So Rusty picked up JD’s affiliates. Those who were carrying JD on delay at 6-9 PM just kept him there and carried the show live. The affiliates carrying Humphries live drifted away, with most stations just opting to run the rebroadcast so they didn’t have to switch their schedules

      Alan Colmes is in the same situation – his 10PM-1AM on Fox News Radio was moved to 6 PM, but the handful of affiliates carrying the show didn’t move with him, opting for a delayed broadcast.

      It’s very hard to do a callin talk show with no affiliates carrying your show live. That means “callers” are either prearranged with outbound calling or people listening via the web or Sirius/XM or CRN or the like…

  4. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    That sounds like CNBC’s Mad Money. You submit your question in advance and then they call you to ask it to Jim as they record the show. That way, Jim looks smart and is never stumped by the question. Is CNBC streaming radio? hmm, well they do stream on SiriusXM. 😉

    • Art Stone says:

      That was also how public radio’s Click & Clack was produced. So when a caller had an obscure symptom like turning on the headlights of their 1972 SAAB made the trunk release activate, they had already done the research before they called the caller. None of it was live, so if a segment went badly, it never made it to air.

      • Art Stone says:

        Even shows that are aired live are so heavily screened that the callers are nothing but props asking only the question the host wants asked – Rush is the prototype, but many others have followed. I think that’s one of the reasons even national talk shows can’t scare up a real caller.

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