Major January 2014 changes

In the next week, there is going to be an enormous amount of change, particularly in talk radio.

The purpose of this thread is to communicate the changes that I’m aware of and their status. Each reply to this main post will be a separate change and then anything we find related to it.

WordPress has a bug that sometimes when you click reply it doesn’t indent properly, so click reply a second time to be sure – this thread will likely get very big and confusing.

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95 Responses to Major January 2014 changes

  1. Art Stone says:

    Topic: Hannity is dropped by Cumulus Radio

    • Parrott says:

      Well, will see what the local ‘Cumulost’ wuss station manager does locally. He thought Bill Bennett was to hard core in the morning and dropped him a few years ago. They switched to the morning news team, powered by the Washington times, I can’t remember their name. The went bankrupt or something, a while back, so now local cumulost in the morning is Imus.

    • Art Stone says:

      Cumulus has already cleansed their web sites of Hannity – not a surprise since Hannity is not working this week

  2. Art Stone says:

    Topic: Michael Savage moves to 3-6 PM on Cumulus

    • Art Stone says:

      Most stations say “starting 1/1/2014”- I’m curious if Savage is planning to work on the 1st

      • MrC_5150 says:

        Savage says to tune in from 12-3 beginning on 01.02.2014

        I got low hopes and figure I won’t make it to the first commercial break.

        • Art Stone says:

          That would be a Pacific Time zone reference since the show will be 3-6 PM Eastern.

          One thing I wonder about is how he is going to transition his own lifestyle. This is the earliest he has ever been on and he won’t be able to hang out on North Beach in the afternoons.

          I fully expect some contrived controversy to get Media Matters and Mediaite’s knickers in a bunch. I really don’t think even his most loyal listeners give a damn about him not being able to visit England.

    • Art Stone says:

      With Cumulus putting Savage head to head, will Clear Channel drop Savage from 9PM to midnight? My guess is “yes”, and Clyde Lewis will get new affiliates

      I expect John Batchelor to get back the Cumukus affiliates he lost when Cumulus made room to hire Savage

    • Art Stone says:

      Todd Schnitt has taken over the Former Savage time slots on Clear Channel. It looks like Clear Channel will now be Savage free

    • Art Stone says:

      WRKO in Boston (not a Cumulus station) has dropped Savage.

  3. Art Stone says:

    Topic: Dennis Miller moves to Noon-3PM ET

    • Art Stone says:

      cRN is feeding an old Dennis Miller show today at the old time – maybe the new time starts tomorrow?

      • Art Stone says:

        CRN and 3 terrestrial stations are still feeding the how at 9 AM – it’s a guest host and the show is live at the old time – , so I don’t yet know why. Might Dennis do the show at the old time or is this just temporary?

    • Art Stone says:

      Oddly, despite me promoting the time, the listen counts for Miller are down. Usually a change like this drives up numbers because over the air listeners are frantic to find the show when it vanishes off their local station.

      The “why” is pretty obvious now that I think about it. Miller just impaled himself on the Rush Limbaugh spear. Miller used to have two hours against Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham and only the third hour competing with Rush. Miller will always be a niche audience since he targets people with an above average vocabulary and awareness of world events beyond politics.

      • foyle says:

        Taking on Rush is a tall challenge for anyone. Seems like that was the slot that Bill O’Reilly had when he thought he was going to be God’s gift to radio, I think we all know how that worked out.

        Maybe I should start listening to Miller through your site so I can ‘bump’ his numbers up. I usually hear at least parts of his show 3-5 days a week. Believe it or not, I usually hear him on terrestial radio (how Cro-Magnon of me).

  4. Art Stone says:

    Topic: progressive talk – Clear Channel shuts down progressive talk in LA and San Francisco and WWRL in New York City flips to Spanish

  5. Art Stone says:

    Topic: Rush Limbaugh moves from WABC to WOR in New York City

    • Art Stone says:

      WABC has Curtis & Kuby today.

      It’s official – Cumulus has hired the mob lawyer and the man who can’t pay his spousal support.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        If memory serves, Kuby defended the man that shot and tried to kill Curtis many years ago. Their public altercation led the big boys at WABC thinking it would be great to get them arguing for ratings.

        • Art Stone says:

          Kuby also represented the masterminds behind the first attempt to destroy the World Trade Center in the 1990s

          • Landmark95 says:

            Craig Schwalb takes over as programming director at WABC-AM, as they opt to go with more local NYC hosts:

            The new WABC lineup will feature:
            5-6am: 5am News Hour
            6-10am: Imus In The Morning
            10am-12pm: Geraldo Rivera
            12-3pm: Curtis Sliwa & Ron Kuby
            3-5pm: Michael Savage
            5-6pm: Pat Kiernan
            6-9pm: Mark Levin
            9pm-12am: John Batchelor
            12-5am: Red Eye Radio



            Too bad Lynn Samuels didn’t live long enough to make a comeback. Could the “Joy Behar Show” ever see a return to WABC?

          • Art Stone says:

            Joey Reynolds is probably available

          • Art Stone says:

            Imus does his show from Arizona, Mark Levin was raised in Philadelphia and does his show from the DC area. Savage does his show from Marin County California. Red Eye is done from Texas. I’m not sure if Batchelor does his show from the WABC studios or from Princeton University in New Jersey.

            On the other hand, Sean Hannity is a lifelong New Yorker who did his show from New York.

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            It is a good pairing actually. I had listened to them years ago when they were on WABC and they were always cordial and even talked about going to parties at each other’s homes.

            I had listened to each of them separately when they had their own shows, and I found them both unalienable.

            Together they are respectful and work well together at putting on an entertaining show. I think their trick is not trying or expecting to change each other’s opinions and giving each other ample time to explain their thoughts without interruption. I got the impression that they sincerely like and respect each other and enjoy working together.

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            oops- that was “unlistenable” rather than “unalienable”… pesky autocorrect

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            I believe Imus does most of his shows from the Fox TV studios in NYC as the broadcast them live on Fox Business Network (tv). Many shows he does remotely from his New Mexico ranch.

            BTW- Hawn Sannity had worked in the south and got his break doing local Atlanta talk radio. That enabled him to come home to the NYC area… he had grown up on Long Island

      • Art Stone says:

        Some might say that Long Island is not part of New York.

  6. Art Stone says:

    Topic: Bob & Tom leave Premiere (clear channel) to go to Cimulus

  7. Art Stone says:

    Topic: Ben Shapiro of Breitbart starts a new show on KTTH January 4th

  8. Art Stone says:

    Topic: WRCN-FM on Long Island changes from Rock to News/Talk

  9. Art Stone says:

    Topic: Geraldo Rivera Leaves Radio

  10. Art Stone says:

    Topic: Mike Huckabee ends his long form radio show on Cumulus

  11. Art Stone says:

    Topic: Petros & Money leave Fox Sports to return to local sports on KLAC

  12. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    What’s happening with Art Bell? Last I had heard here, he was about to quit again. Does he have another of his “end of the year predictions” shows lined up for this week somewhere?

  13. Art Stone says:

    Rose (of Quinn & Rose) will be guest hosting for Hannity today. I don’t see any signs they plan to come back to radio.

    • buzzyboop says:

      Q&R have six-month non-compete, so soonest they can come back is mid-May. Rose was good subbing for Hannity ironic since she broadcast from NewsTalk 104.7 where she and Jim Quinn formerly broadcast. Not sure about Quinn since he’s at or near age 70, but here’s hoping. Bill Bennett too milquetoast for me.

  14. Art Stone says:

    January 1st is on Wednesday – it isn’t clear which changes will start on the 1st, 2nd or the 6th (Monday). So there may be reruns and the like. January 1st typically has football games most of the day.

  15. Art Stone says:

    WOIC-AM in Columbia SC drops news/talk for sports.

  16. Art Stone says:

    KYNS-AM in San Luis Obispo is dropping all news (the defunct TRN radio news) for soft rock and Delilah

  17. Art Stone says:

    In Denver, KOA and KHOW are revamping schedules to comply with a Premiere mandate that affiliates of Rush and Hannity WILL carry the entire show live.

    Not clear if that’s just within Clear Channel or industry wide. Rush has that kind of clout, Hannity doesn’t.

  18. Art Stone says:

    For those of you with volunteer testing capabilities, please keep hands off for a few days. I’m deliberately removing things from the directory so I can fix them up quickly.

    For example, Dennis Miller is moving from 10AM-1PM to Noon-3PM ET. If you hear Miller at 12:15 PM and click It Worked! You’re going to reinstate the show back in its original 3 hour time slot. Updating schedules correctly is complicated and trying to help will likely just create more work and slow down the process

  19. Art Stone says:

    Herman Cain is today’s winner – Cain (and Clark Howard) are produced by Cox Radio’s WSB in Atlanta – but syndicated by Dial Global, now owned by Cumulus Media – he is filling the gap created by Dennis Miller moving to Noon ET

  20. Art Stone says:

    Jeff Kuhner is on WABC today and several other stations – is he the Huckabee replacement or only for today?

  21. Art Stone says:

    Royal Oakes has taken over the Hannity time slot on KABC

  22. Little Man says:

    Any word of Andrea Tantaros’s lawsuit? Is she done in radio?

    • Art Stone says:

      Unlike the others, she initiated the legal action. TRN’s opinion is she was paid everything she was owed.

      TRN continues to call the show the Andrea Tantaros Show – probably for legal reasons.

      Roy Masters himself did the Rusty Humphries show this week. No idea if Charles Butler is doing the show. Based on the last show I heard, I think Mr Butler finally realized why this job fell ino his lap.

      • Nidster says:

        So, if Masters continues to host the Rusty Humphries show how is that not analogous to Alan Colmes permanently hosting the Sean Hannity show?

      • Landmark95 says:

        I’m really liking Sam Sorbo (who’s been sitting in, since early October), she’s got possibilities- if a real network is seeking new talent. I’ve seen that people are praising Dana Loesch from Missouri, but I haven’t had the chance to listen to her yet.

        The passing of Bob Grant makes me realize that we are at this moment in the Golden Age of conservative talk radio. Ten years from now, many of the hosts we have today, will either be retired or otherwise insignificant. From where will the new talent possibly come from?

        • Art Stone says:

          I appreciate the depth of Sam Sorbo’s thought processes – like that atheists should just stop using money because it says “In God We Trust” on it. There is an idea whose time has come. She and her weekend co-host / frequent guest would fit in perfectly in the 1950s.

    • Art Stone says:

      The confirmed list is down to CRN and 1 station

  23. Art Stone says:

    Chicago’s WIND-AM (Salem) is dropping Glenn Beck and adding Hannity, ruining my theory that Clear Channel was going to lease or buy WLS-AM.

    • Parrott says:

      Is Beck’s ratings in decline? Maybe people are tired of fluff and his boys, ‘Squirrel & Giggles’ (pat & stew) or his ‘moron football’.
      He needs to get back on message.

      • Art Stone says:

        I don’t know – but in the big scheme of things it doesn’t matter. Beck earns far more from subscriptions to TheBlaze and streaming his video to satellite and cable TV.

        There was a curious precedent that over the holidays, at least one radio station was carrying TheBlaze programming other than just Beck’s show. It might just have been an accident. It would get real interesting really fast if The Blaze went into direct competition against Cumulus Media and Premiere. I don’t think Beck is on any Cumulus stations. The chasm between those two companies may be complete at this point, other than Rush. Still no clue what we’re going to hear Monday during the Huckabee time slot… Maybe they’ll just keep running JD Hayworth – perhaps cumulus is still negotiating with Huckabee – maybe they’ll offer him a larger % of the Sweetjack sales. That would be hard to turn down.

  24. Art Stone says:

    Weekend trends…
    – Cumulus may have negotiated that they no longer have to carry Rush Week in Review
    – Monica Crowley (TRN) has lost affiliates from both Cumulus and Clear Channel
    – Clear Channel has dropped Bob Brinker from most (but not all) stations
    – John Batchelor is pushing Coast to Coast off the remaining Cumulus affiliates
    – Cumulus has added Watchdog on Wall Street (TRN) to many stations

  25. Art Stone says:

    Spencer Hughes, formerly of Fox News Radio has surfaced on KSFO as the Huckabee Replacement

  26. Art Stone says:

    Mancow seems to be toast

    He is on KPRC-AM, but not live. No other affiliate I checked has the show, and it’s dubious if some ever carried the show.

    Mancow was a joint TRN / Dial Global syndication. TRN filing a lawsuit against Dial Global surely didn’t help

  27. Art Stone says:

    Yahoo Sports changed its entire lineup, but who the hell cares?

  28. Art Stone says:

    The CEO of WestwoodOne/Dial Global is leaving. Now that is a shock!
    Now John Dickey can start wielding the cost cutting axe – no reason to employ both Jim Bohannon and Dirk Van!

  29. Parrott says:

    Parrott says Chris Plante is not to bad. Since beck went ‘soft_cell’ its a welcome change.

    • Art Stone says:

      Beck was on a roll today.

      If I had one suggestion for Beck, it would be to kick Pat and Stu out of the studio. I want Glenn to talk to me, not to Pat. I don’t want to listen to Pat at all.

  30. Parrott says:

    THIS-> “If I had one suggestion for Beck, it would be to kick Pat and Stu out of the studio. I want Glenn to talk to me, not to Pat. I don’t want to listen to Pat at all. ”

    YES !

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