Is that a twitch?

If 40 and under folks are not listening to radio, losing interest in Facebook and not watching MSNBC, where are they?

One place is Twitch

As odd as it probably sounds, large numbers of people get online to watch other people play video games. People share secrets about how they got good, have contests, tournaments, social gatherings with 1000s of people from all over the world.

I still spend some time playing Runescape – before it started to disintegrate, there were two college students from England doing this. One of their memorable events was they and their friends gathering to attack the strongest monster in the game throwing bronze spears at it – hundreds and hundreds of people overwhelming Goliath with the weakest weapon in the game and virtually no armor.

They were making a fairly good income from their “runeshark” YouTube channel and eventually tried twitch as it is real time and interactive.

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    Shameless plug from an author I have read in the past and respected. I have not read this one but it looks interesting

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