New Detroit Mayor announces property tax fairness plan

Property values have been so pathetic in Detroit that it is not uncommon for the annual property tax on a house to be as much as what the house sells for (if you could find a buyer).

Northwest Detroit (mentioned in the article) was the last viable residential area. Because Detroit requires city employees to live inside the city limits, the corner bounded mostly by Telegraph Road and 8 mile road was the only neighborhood that white city employees (police, firemen) and middle class blacks felt safe and had good shopping nearby in Southfield. As property values plummeting in the city, millage rates zoomed up to compensate, shifting more and more of the tax burden to that corner of the city.

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Bet you don’t know what station the Detroit area residents normally use to listen to C2C…..

    • Art Stone says:

      Clear Channel owns only one AM station in Detroit – WDFN that carries Fox Sports. They had WDTW (which was carrying progressive talk), but tore down the towers to sell off the land and gave the license to the MMTC.

      That begs the question – since Hannity is no longer on WJR (Cumulus), where is he heard in the Detroit market? The answer is WDTK-AM, owned by Salem

      • Art Stone says:

        The MMTC just applied for a six month extension to hold the license of WDTW without doing anything. They appear to have no intention of ever operating any radio stations given to them. They just “flip” stations that owners can get a tax write off for and/or turn in the license. In thory, an AM station in Detroit should be viable, but they have to protect Canada. The WDTW signal needed 4 towers on prime real estate to reach relatively little of the Metro Detroit area. A new owner would have to do all the engineering studies nd build all new towers and transmitter. The land use nazis make that close to impossible now.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Interesting that CKLW also carries Clark Howard and Dr. Joy Browne and The Money Pit. I see they are now part of “Bell Media Radio”.

  2. Nidster says:

    Mayor Duggan said the reassessment “process we used was very well thought out and I was extremely impressed with the thoroughness of the work of our assessors. It left no doubt in my mind that these reductions are not only warranted, but the right thing to do by our residents.”

    Chief Assessor Gary Evanko said, “With many people seeing large reductions [in their property assessment], we expect to see an increase in the number of homeowners who pay their full taxes. In the near term, we expect this move to keep fewer taxpaying residents from leaving the city. In the long term, we believe it will help to bring in more new homeowners and help to start growing our residential tax base.”

    Very strange stuff going on in Detroit these days. If they do fully abandon the Democrat’s model of ‘punishing the rich’ they have a fighting chance of coming out of bankruptcy. Perhaps city employees realized they were targeted as ‘the rich’ and ‘woke up’.

    In other news a few days ago, “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) released his budget proposal for the next two years, which includes a permanent reduction of the three bottom tax brackets.” While it is a miniscule drop of about $83 per year, at least the process of ‘ever increasing’ tax rates has been stopped.

    From another article, “Wisconsin’s top tax rate is 7.75%, which is relatively high compared to California (13.3%), Hawaii (11%), Oregon (9.9%), Iowa (8.98%), New Jersey (8.97%), Vermont (8.95%), New York (8.82%), Maine (7.95%), and Minnesota (7.85%).”

    Just to put a bit of whipped cream on all this stuff, there are states out here in the rest of America that have NO state income tax, and a reasonable sales tax rate. Commence the “voting with your feet” to a climate that rarely has frigid weather, but be prepared for the ‘sauna-like, humidity’.

  3. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    you had heard it here on SRG first with CC making the recommendation that if you tax people more than the value of the house, no one would be willing to own the house, even it the house is offered to them for free. that’s one way Democrats ruin the cities and that communists ruin countries.

    • Art Stone says:

      Well, it almost worked. The city wound up with over 10,000 abandoned houses that were taken over by the city, perfect for squatting. But there are pesky details like once the power has been cut off, the power company (Detroit Edison) is not going to turn the power back on until they’ve been paid and/or the wiring is inspected to make sure the house won’t burn down. Same for natural gas. Water is run by the city, so that may be easier. But even squatters have standards. The city has been tring to tear down 1000 houses a year, but can’t keep up.

      • TheChairman says:

        Actually, a lot of those houses have been stripped of all copper wiring & pipe… so an occupancy permit might be a bit difficult.

        Also, the city couldn’t afford the costs of demolition. Catch 22.

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