El futuro de los Estados Unidos

Antrax F. U


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  1. HPaws says:

    Are there no prisons? Are there no work houses? Everything old is new again.

  2. TheChairman says:

    i.e. “Give us amnesty and good paying jobs, or we’re gonna…

    • Art Stone says:

      Once the Mexicns have no fear of deportation, they aren’t going to cut people’s lawns for $3 an hour. Who will then?

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Why do we confiscate property of citizens for non-violent offenses like prostitution or hemp found on property, but allow illegals to keep their ill-gotten gains. Let the police departments take their property without due process as the do to legal citizens.

        All the chat on improving the country is that we need a higher percentage of people to get college educations…. so why would we flood the country with people that don’t have that as a minimum standard? I have no problem with the government allowing Albert Einstein into the country… but do we need more people to tend the yards of the new mansions?

      • TheChairman says:

        Frankly, they have little fear of deportation now… why should they? They get in-state tuition, drivers’ licenses, vote, etc.

        I grew up in Michigan, lived in Arizona for 25 years, and now I migrate between AZ and Cheboygan, MI seasonally (snowbird).

        One thing I’ve noticed with ‘Michiganders’ is a blissful ignorance regarding the issues surrounding illegal immigration. Most still mow their own lawns, and kids still work at summer jobs. They perceive no threat to their lifestyle, wages, etc. In fact, union workers seem to believe immigration/amnesty will help their membership and influence.

        In Arizona (a right to work state, btw) their future is in plain site. Fast food is dominated by Hispanic women, not teens.

        You need someone to do welding, plumbing, or want new tile installed? There is no question who will offer better quality, prices, and service. i.e. There is a misnomer (implied by the Media/politicians) that “these poor hapless Mexicans and Latinos” do not possess trade skills. Personally, I was unable to find someone to do mobile welding for a reasonable rate (unions) in MI; while in AZ they’ll offer to do it “today”.

        What seems to be lost on most people is that ‘amnesty’ is a racist policy; the intention is to favor ‘Hispanics’ (Mexicans). I know a few -legal- migrants from Russia and England who do not get the same preferred treatment (by INS) as ‘Juan & Juanita’. As I’ve told them: “it’s because your skin is too light, and you speak English. You do not fit their profile or agenda.”

        A fair number of illegals ‘self-deported’ due to the economy. I don’t see nearly as many standing on corners waiting for day labor jobs in AZ. The flood will resume… except the next influx of Mexican and Latin American illegals will be emboldened and more aggressive, as in your link above. Mowing the lawn will be the least of the concerns facing the American middle class.

        Still have a lawn to mow? Buy a Chinese made robot… or drone.

        • Art Stone says:

          I moved Michigan in 1982 (left in 1997).

          When you’re “new”, you notice things people who live their entire lives think is normal. Because Michigan is a huge peninsula (albeit there is the bridge now), pretty much nobody goes North through Michigan to go somewhere and people in Michigan rarely venture further out of state than Cedar Point or Windsor.

          Having come from Charlotte where parking lots were probably 2/3 import cars, you immediately notices how few people drove evil imports. Telling them that a Honda Accord lasts forever no matter how much you neglect it would just get you a laugh. All the GM employees knew about cars was it was good enough if it took you “up north” each weekend and didn’t wear out in six months before you could buy the next on your employee discount and sell the old car at a profit.

          I have a friend from California who rages on and on about how the Mexicans are stealing her birthright, but every time she needed something done that involved physical labor, she was hiring them do it.

          • TheChairman says:

            Yes, I knew you had lived in Michigan.

            Ironically, I left in 1982… for Florida, where I felt the impact of the Mariel Boatlift. Three years was enough, so I went West in 1985.

            As you probably know, once you travel north of Lansing & Grand Rapids, things change a bit. The Yoopers now hold their own ‘state fair’. Meanwhile, Ann Arbor is in another universe, definitely the most cosmopolitan area of MI.

            I have no problem with anyone who comes here legally and follows the rules… that’s how my grandparents came to America. At that time, immigrants needed a sponsor and/or a bond.

            What strikes me is how blacks are being overtly marginalized by the Democrats’ amnesty push, as they cheer the policies of their chosen one.

            e.g. Antiques Roadshow just visited ‘Detroit’… oddly, ALL the attendees appear ‘non-black’.

          • Parrott says:

            Well ( Bleep Bleep) . Damn, even Mexico has their own Juggalo’s.
            La Revolution. I feel sorry for my nieces having to grow up with this crap.
            Last time I drove by the North Anna Nuclear power station here in Virginia, the contractors were all Mexican & Guatemalan workers. I guess they do good work, I hope.

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            Wonder if Mr Burns or Smithers had hired them.

  3. TheChairman says:

    Link this together with your post on “Importing jobs from Mexico”…

    What you get is overt (violent) subversion of the U.S. via amnesty.

    The Mariel Boat-lift will seem like a cruise on the French Riviera.

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