Salem CEO to cohost Mitch McConnell fundraiser

Salem Radio has been in the news recently for buying up “right wing” media properties.

Ed Atsinger is one of the two founders of Salem Media. If you think Salem will be a venue to overturn the “Republican Establishment”, think again.

Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt will be speaking at the event.

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13 Responses to Salem CEO to cohost Mitch McConnell fundraiser

  1. briand75 says:

    The Democrat Light is always able to attract a bit of money here and there. It used to be they could out-fundraise anyone. Now they get enough money to keep the status quo and no more. Shame, shame, shame.

    Why is it “right wing extremist” to love this country and be wanting to move toward the Constitution?

    • TheChairman says:

      The agenda is to demonize everyone who is not drinking Obama’s red Kool-aid.

      It’s the same reason the liberals (neo-Marxists) label Nazis as ‘right wing’. i.e. Progressives are so FAR LEFT, they view -everybody- else as extreme right.

      Try to convince a liberal/progressive that the NSDAP were leftists… good luck.

  2. prboylan says:

    Is Mitch McConnell a Republican? Who knew?

  3. Nidster says:

    Mitch McConnell is terrified of Matt Bevin, because in the Republican primary Bevin could get the nomination. Are Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt selling-out Conservatives?

    • Art Stone says:

      Salem is a mixed bag – the talk format Is not religious, per se, but a strong religious perspective, especially US support for the aspirations of Israel is a common attribute of all the hosts. Prager is probably the least political, talking more about relationships nd religion and how it influences the country. Hugh Hewitt would like to be around power – Supreme Court appointment would work. Medved shares some characteristics with Michael Savage – bis religious and educational background don’t scream “Conservative” (he knew Bill & Hillary Clinton from Yale Law School). He’s very strongly pro immigration and strikes me he is often trying to advocate positions that he doesn’t believe in, which is what lawyers do. Bill Bennett gave us the concept of Federal Drug Czar. He’s no libertarian. Gallagher is just goofy. His priority is accumulting frequent flyer miles, or at least was. Going to where news is happening for no particular reason

      • Parrott says:

        Yep, what Art said, is about it.

        • Nidster says:

          Thanks for the info, Art, and for your take on it, Parrott. I have never listened to those guys very much and it was years ago anyway. I remember Medved had some sort of audio stuff on the founding fathers and Revolutionary days. Sounded interesting but I only heard an hour or so.

          I know Mitch McConnell is smearing Matt Bevin very heavily these days, so he is obviously very concerned the Bevin could get the nomination. Kentuckians need to vote in the primary this year, as well as the other critical states where the contenders in the primaries could take out the Establishment RINO’s.

      • Landmark95 says:

        I’ve grown very leery of “reformed/former” liberals, like Medved, Savage, Tammy Bruce, etc. To say folks like this can completely move to the right, is like saying Chinese drywall can transform into clean drywall. It can’t. There’s always going to be some seepage of gunk.

        Gallagher is the common man’s host, picking knee-jerk topics he can rant about. (Although, his recent rants on people’s misuse of “service dogs”, is beginning to see some legislative action). I love Prager, he’s a very good man, but at times, a huge borefest, I find I have to force myself to listen at times. “Hewitt would like to be around power” is an awesome line. Brevity is indeed the soul of wit, Mr. Stone. The same could be said of Savage, who is viciously jealous that no one (except Donald Trump, maybe) pays any attention to him.

        Doing a three-hour show everyday is no easy task. I’m totally amazed by Mark Levin, who gets on the microphone every evening, and delivers body-blows to this administration, like Jake Lamotta in “Raging Bull”. Levin is a cut above the rest in my estimation. It’s hard to have that kind of passion, show after show.

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