Rusty Humphries has landed

The big announcement has finally been made. Rusty Humphries has a job working for the Washington Times doing a daily video report called “Rebellion”

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  1. lasong says:

    Wonder if this ends his talk show well. Seems like his show has ended except in name only.

    • Art Stone says:

      The most likely explanation is it’s a legal purpose. Syndication contracts typically have an escape clause that releases the stations if the host isn’t doing the show. It may also be a ploy to delay the non-compete part of the contract. Rusty is probably better off giving up on radio.

  2. Art Stone says:

    Here is the link

    It’s a tad under 5 minutes. For a couple days, I hung out in Rusty’s video chat room. It’s how I learned his Friday interviews with Suzanne Somers were prerecorded so he could leave early. The whole thing felt creepy.

    TV is so effective because your brain uses a huge part of its capacity to feed in and process images. It demands your mind focus intently on what you’re seeing. I don’t want to see Rusty Humphries’ face on a webcam.

  3. reports that TRN and Cumulus have settled TRN’s suit against Dial Global, which was ultimately acquired by Cumulus. Lew Dickey says the parties “remain supportive of each other and are optimistic for the future.”

    • Art Stone says:

      Hard to read between the lines there. Dial Global was only one of the folks TRN was suing. Dickey wasn’t the one screwing with TRN, at least not directly. Cumulus now controls the distribution system used by TRN. Is Cumulus even going to try to keep syndicating shows to their competitors or just cut thm loose so Cumulus can buy them for salvage? Don’t know.

    • Art Stone says:

      I read the full story – it reminded me that part of the allegation was Dial Global was not remitting national ad revenue to TRN, and Dial Global’s position was there wasn’t any.

      I’m far from an expert on this, but generally how I think this works is an advertiser pays a CPM (cost per thousand) of the estimated audience. Periodically, each affiliate files an affidavit saying “we carried this show during these hours on these days”. If the stations are not in major markets where paper diaries are still used or no ratings are vailable, estimating audience size is close to impossible.

      If an advertiser challenges a bill, the syndicator has to produce the affidavits. Phil Hendrie himself recently concluded that his national show has no listeners. It’s hard to dispute that. Andrea Tantaros also left complaining about the lack of national ad revenue she was led to believe she would receive.

      Savage’s contract with TRN became public when TRN tried to sue Savage (and lost). A significant portion of his income was a percentage of the national ad revenue. When he tried to accept the offer from Westwood One (before the dial global merger), right of first refusal got very speculative. Real guaranteed income is not equivalent to a percentage of the net phantom income in the future. The arbitrator agreed. I wonder if Savage has been paid the million ollars in lawyer fees they owed Savage.

  4. Art Stone says:

    No updates since the 12th. No new 4 minute video today. The goose is cooked.

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