Nobel Peace Prize winner warns Russia

A primer on the Crimean war and the various histories of the powers in Europe.

What’s changed, of course is that Europe is now one monolithic Union with a common set of political, financial and military goals and vision for the future.

It’s worth revisiting recent history. The country of Georgia has similarities with Ukraine. It has a distinct language and culture and national identity, but under the Soviet Union ethnic Russians were put in charge of running the government and worked at replacing the Georgian national identity with a common language (Russian), system of government and collective identity of the Soviet Union.

After a series of escalating tensions and Russian concerns that Georgia was getting too friendly with NATO, in August 2008, Russian troops entered the portions of the country that has the larger numbers of Russian people afraid that Georgia’s government would attack them to dissipate Russian influence.

If you consider world events, it was one month later that the Global Banking system came as close to total collapse as it ever has. Coincidence?

So President Obama is drawing a Red Line in the sand. Stop now, or else there will be consequences. For instance?

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19 Responses to Nobel Peace Prize winner warns Russia

  1. Jim Somervell says:

    Ah, the Old Red Line in the Sand, gambit. The or else will probably be another Red Line in the Sand and on and on. That threat has about as much effect as a one legged man in an a$$ kicking contest.

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    He may send John Kerry over with Obama’s “Overcharged Button”.

    Wasn’t that Overcharged button really designed for Obamacare?

    Folks- you saw it here on SRG first. 😉

  3. Art Stone says:

    The US / European threat is to kick Russia out of the G8 and maybe impose trade sanctions. Could that be the event to push the world into creating a viable non-dollar reserve currency?

    Ukraine spends a mere 1.1% of its GDP on its military. They are completely dependent on Russia for their hardware and spare parts.

    • Nidster says:

      Sure, this is another event that is pushing the world into creating a viable, non-FRN Reserve Currency in order to dampen the effect the US military machine has over the rest of the world. I see the nation states like Ukraine, Turkey, perhaps Egypt, to creep closer into the BRISCA’s sphere of influence.

      The Plan, according to Nidster, is a move to away from the FRN as the Reserve currency, and create a basket of currencies with some of the BRICSA nations getting their currencies included along with the FRN and British pound.

      • Art Stone says:

        Part of the “why?” behind this flare up (in addition to US funding the revolution) is Ukraine is under “austerity” pressure from their banking masters. They’re nowhere near Greece on that scale, but trying to figure out their future. Today’s Obama proposal is to send Ukraine a $billion check.

        • Nidster says:

          So the ‘circle-jerk’ continues, because if Obama wants to send Ukraine a billion FRNs, he must have the Bankster’s blessing since they will first need to ask China to buy more US Treasury bonds, via the Feds.

          • Art Stone says:

            It’s not like Obama is going to tell Ukraine to cut back its social welfare programs. Ukraine is the bread basket of the region, so isn’t dependent on oil and gas to fund its economy. I was a bit surprised at the large population, though. My memory is it is around 122 million. I wonder how many are post Soviet Russians who would rather live on the Black Sea than in Saint Petersburg.

            My brother is still planning to go to Russia next month. He has his visa. I doubt it will be a dull vacation.

            • Nidster says:

              Just hold this thought for a moment, ” Ukraine is the bread basket of the region…” and the European Union wants them to join? Makes no sense.

              Also consider, “I wonder how many are post Soviet Russian” retired military, KGB and all. No wonder Putin needs not send in the regular Russian military, just send assault rifles, ammo and such stuff across the border in lieu of the retirees monthly stipend.

            • Art Stone says:

              I haven’t followed it closely, but my perception is farmers within the EU are heavily subsidized / protected to keep a domestic food source viable. Europe has had a few bouts with food insecurity at various times

  4. Art Stone says:

    There goes the Paralympics in Sochi!

  5. briand75 says:

    Putin can kick butt as he pleases. There is no nation to stand against him and the Ukraine would fall in a week or less.

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